Dean Schneider ~ animal lover or crazy narcissist ??

In the past I have done posts about Kevin Richardson ~ ‘The Lion Whisperer’, the ‘man’ who cavorts with his lions, puts is fists in their throats, uses them to make adverts & films (buying cubs from breeding farms to make those films) yet whom is held up by the likes of Chris Mercer. One of his lions has even killed a young woman, yet he remains blameless.

Now it is the turn of Dean Schneider, in my opinion a narcissist of gargantuan proportions, not only cavorting with lions, he also has a hyena, ‘wolf’ & monkeys.

He posts on Instagram daily & on each post he asks you to share with five of your friends.

EVERY post promotes cavorting with these animals who could crush his skull with one bite, his followers want to have a lion cub, play with a hyena ete, etc, etc

In fairness Dean is a good looking guy & I am sure he could get plenty of followers by showing the correct way to care for captive wildlife, instead he chooses to ‘educate’ his followers with incorrect information on many occasions.

How long will it be till this lion bites Deans head

A very important message about how his animals are not socialised to ANY human ~ oh apart from him !! You must not want these animals as pets, you must want them to be wild & free ~ oh apart from him!! See the problem here

Why does a lion need your fist in his mouth

AND THIS is what happens to his lions if they don’t behave ~ punch to the head ~ & she’s just a baby who didn’t really appear to do anything intentionally wrong ~ nice huh !!


THIS is not how animals in captivity should be managed ~ it should be hands off !!

There has been much venom aimed at Disney for remaking Lion King, a film that did not use real animals & did not promote human/animal interaction ~ just wild animals living wild without a human in sight ~ yet people like Dean Schneider are all over social media sending out COMPLETELY the wrong messages & getting adored for it


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