Dean Schneider ~ animal lover or crazy narcissist ??

In the past I have done posts about Kevin Richardson ~ ‘The Lion Whisperer’, the ‘man’ who cavorts with his lions, puts is fists in their throats, uses them to make adverts & films (buying cubs from breeding farms to make those films) yet whom is held up by the likes of Chris Mercer. One of his lions has even killed a young woman, yet he remains blameless.

Now it is the turn of Dean Schneider, in my opinion a narcissist of gargantuan proportions, not only cavorting with lions, he also has a hyena, ‘wolf’ & monkeys.

He posts on Instagram daily & on each post he asks you to share with five of your friends.

EVERY post promotes cavorting with these animals who could crush his skull with one bite, his followers want to have a lion cub, play with a hyena ete, etc, etc

In fairness Dean is a good looking guy & I am sure he could get plenty of followers by showing the correct way to care for captive wildlife, instead he chooses to ‘educate’ his followers with incorrect information on many occasions.

How long will it be till this lion bites Deans head

A very important message about how his animals are not socialised to ANY human ~ oh apart from him !! You must not want these animals as pets, you must want them to be wild & free ~ oh apart from him!! See the problem here

Why does a lion need your fist in his mouth

AND THIS is what happens to his lions if they don’t behave ~ punch to the head ~ & she’s just a baby who didn’t really appear to do anything intentionally wrong ~ nice huh !!


THIS is not how animals in captivity should be managed ~ it should be hands off !! A TRUE sanctuary abides by THREE rules ~ NO touching ~ NO breeding ~ NO trading.

I have volunteered at a TRUE sanctuary, whilst all the carnivores have been rescued from the lion farming/pet trade/entertainment sector ~ therefore all have been hand reared ~ NONE of them are touched by humans now except for medical needs ~ DEAN SCHNEIDER is not educating people, he is sending out the wrong message, carnivores DO NOT need human interaction when living in captivity !!

There has been much venom aimed at Disney for remaking Lion King, a film that did not use real animals & did not promote human/animal interaction ~ just wild animals living wild without a human in sight ~ yet people like Dean Schneider are all over social media sending out COMPLETELY the wrong messages & getting adored for it


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24 thoughts on “Dean Schneider ~ animal lover or crazy narcissist ??

  1. The reason I dislike Dean Schneider has less to do with his animal interaction — I don’t know enough to speak with any authority on the ethics and efficacy of human/animal interaction — and more to do with the fact that he comes across like a slimy douchebag.

    He certainly is a pretty boy desperate for attention, sadly thousands are giving it to him, they claim to be animal lovers, but their first love is for him, and you just cannot get them to see that his behaviour is just wrong & not in the best interest of the animals.

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  2. I was NOT the author of the second paragraph. Whoever wrote that should remove it


    1. With respect, I am not entirely sure why you think I should remove my thoughts from my site


      1. I’m not trying to censor your thoughts. The layout of the site, on my device at least, makes it appear as if I wrote the second paragraph. If you want to amend it to make it clear that it’s your words, that would be great. In terms of viewpoint, we’re virtually on the same page. But we shouldn’t be in the same comment.


      2. Chris Marsden May 21, 2020 — 3:34 pm

        All nxdoyle is saying is that it looks like the second paragraph was written by nxdoyle (it’s directly underneath with no name separating the two) and that nxdoyle does not want your comment looking like nxdoyle’s.


  3. You realize you’re an idiot right? First, he knocked on her paw. Second, the other Lions would have hit her a LOT harder for scratching them. Can you SEEN the male smack the others for playing too rough? Third, She isn’t a cub anymore!


    1. IF he was running a sanctuary, we would abide by the three principles DO NOT BUY ~ which he has, DO NOT INTERACT ~ which he does, DO NOT BREED ~ which he intends to. He IS NOT a lion, so he DOES NOT need to be living among them, therefore he does not need to chastise them!! He is neither a conservationist nor a teacher, he is just a pretty boy frolicking with carnivores & spreading mis~ information i.e telling you all he has a female hyena with penis when actually it took someone else to point out that the hyena is in fact a male, I mean, I don’t know about you, but I would hope that someone would at the very least know the sex of the animals in their care !!


  4. Robbe Goossens May 8, 2020 — 7:06 am

    Well, i don’t agree, he really does educate a lot of people. It’s a bit rash to assume that every fan is the same. Yes there are dumbasses who now want to do the same because he did it… but stupid people are everywere. He gives us the information and then it’s up to us to be smart… never have i ever heard him saying that is was a sanctuary… he does give a lot of correct info, and yes people make mistakes too. But he really brings the animals to others peoples hearts, you can’t mis it, read the reactions. No he’s not a lion, and no he doesn’t need to be with them. What’s important for me is that instead of getting killed, they now have a home and a good life. So in my eyes he saved those animals from certain death. That guy puts all of his money in to helping animals. So i’m asking you, what the hell is your problem?! Go talk about the REAL problems. Well i could say that 7 million people will agree with me. Or are we all nitwits and dumb too?


    1. With respect ~ his website does state that he has a sanctuary which is also his personal home, on that site he also asks for donations, so ~ it’s not just his money paying for his lifestyle (which includes a chef, a personal manager & a personal assistant) & soon he will be asking you to buy his merchandise to support his lifestyle. The site also states that his ‘wife’ is a hyena (which incidentally someone else pointed out is actually a male, I find it worrysome that people put so much faith in someone who doesn’t even know the sex of the animals in his care) & that he is ‘daddy’ of two monkeys’ ~ last time I checked males can’t give birth & even women can’t birth monkeys!! You are free to believe what you want, as I am free to have an opinion, & as someone who has volunteered at a ‘true’ carnivore sanctuary ~ I can assure you that his sanctuary is the polar opposite to what a real sanctuary should be & any real conservationist will tell you that he is doing far more harm than good, starting when he paid for the lions, that is not rescuing ~ that is a transaction & the person he bought them from will have just bred more, THAT saves nothing!! His website also states ‘We don’t breed animals and we are also not trading animals’ but he has recently decided to start breeding AND the initial purchasing of the animals was infact trading, it won’t be long until there are videos of him bottle feeding cubs, as he concocts some story of how the mother abandoned them. Please look up Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary ~ or Drakenstein Lion Park ~ ~ both with upstanding reputations & read ‘Cuddle Me ~ Kill Me’


  5. Just close your ugly mouth when you know nothing about lions


    1. WELL ~ aren’t you pleasant !! I know plenty about both lions AND sanctuaries thankyou & if you support Schneider, I would imagine it’s safe to assume that you only know what he tells you !!


  6. Chris Marsden May 19, 2020 — 4:10 pm

    Hi, I studied as a behavioural scientist and have a BSc from ICL.

    As a human, he has acted just as the lions do (he trained in behavioural science for several years so he could live with the lions). Because he acts and lives like them, he is accepted by the pride as a lion. NOT as a human.

    When he ‘punched the cub’, he was hitting her paw in order to show her what was wrong, without causing any injuries. Lions hurt each other all the time; it’s part of their daily lifestyles. Yes they could crush his head with one bite, but a lion would not do that to another member of the pride unless it was two alpha lions fighting to the death.

    Also, it is very misleading to show only the very few newspaper articles against Dean Schneider and not any of the ones that are for him.

    All of the information he tells us about animals is factually correct – but of course, I am probably mistaken.

    Hopefully you might want to fix your showcase of errors.

    Dean Schneider does not abuse animals, otherwise there would be an investigation (the RSPCA was openly invited to visit his sanctuary but they did not).



    1. Incase you hadn’t noticed Schneider is not a lion, therefore he has not acted just like the lions & if he was running an ethical sanctuary he would not be interacting with them, as for giving factually correct information, the hyena he refers to as his ‘wife’ (because that’s not weird at all) actually turned out to be a male & it took someone who happened to see a post of Schneider fawning over ‘her penis’to point it out, now call me crazy, but surely a basic of animal ownership is knowing the sex of the animal you own.

      So in summary, I am entitled to my opinion, just as you are yours & as someone who has volunteered at a ‘true’ sanctuary, I shall continue down the track that Schneider abuses & exploits the carnivores at his farm to make money & get social media likes & adulation !!


      1. Chris Marsden May 20, 2020 — 7:43 am

        As for the part about the male hyena being his wife, that is just one error out of thousands of truths.

        Again, if he was an abuser of the animals, he would in fact be investigated.

        I am aware that Schneider is not a lion, but he is still accepted into the lion pride, lives with the lion pride and is treated as a lion by the other lions in the group.


      2. Chris Marsden June 6, 2020 — 9:07 pm

        Also, It was a female Hyena. The females have them too


      3. You missed his post where he admits he was wrong ??


  7. I am just doing some research into Dean’s mission and his critics too, and came across your site. I am in the middle right now, so I don’t really know what to make of it all, but after reading your post and your comments above about “hands-off”, I am wondering why you are pictured at the top of this page holding a primate in your arms? Wouldn’t that be wrong?


    1. I was volunteering at a sanctuary, Shrinky was found just hours old brain damaged & alone, it’s suspected her cord had been wrapped around her neck in birth. Shrinky lived out her days with the youngest rescued baboons in order that she wouldn’t be attacked by older ones. Each day the baboons are taken into the bush for exercise & some freedom. Shrinky could not walk far & would ask to be picked up ~ not quite the same as buying carnivores & exploiting them for social media fame & fortune !! Shrinky is now passed away, so don’t worry, I won’t get the chance to hold her in my arms again


  8. Justin McClure July 11, 2020 — 1:49 pm

    You can have your opinion of anyone, but from what I see, Dean truly loves those lions and they’re his life. As for you accusing him of hitting a lion cub, if you have a brain you can see the lion scratched him so he let her know that wasn’t ok. He obviously didn’t cause the animal pain or injury. You should get a life and focus on people who are abusing animals and keep them in cages. Dean gives them a ton of natural land to be lions and be free. It’s such a bad look for you to be so caught up in someone who treats lions with respect and gives them a natural habitat to live in. Worry about your own self or focus on those who are keeping animals locked up and abusing them. Smh. So pathetic


    1. So I can have my opinion, but you are going to slag me off for it, doesn’t surprise me really when you are someone who cannot see what that man is really about


  9. So basically in your opinion if you form a bond with captive wildlife and play with them, you’re abusing the animals. In fact if you interact with them AT ALL you’re abusing them because “animals don’t need human interaction” (even though they clearly enjoy it) (oh and btw there are pictures of you interacting with animals, so I guess you’re an abuser too). And if you post your interactions on social media you’re a raging narcissist who doesn’t really care about the wellbeing of their animals (which, again, you do)? Oh and if you leave out tiny minutia in your 7 minute videos (like the exact taxonomy of the animals) you’re not really educating people? Do you see how absurd, absolutist, and hypocritical this argument is? I mean do you have a problem with zookeepers interacting with their animals in front of a live audience? Do you have a problem with Carole Baskin? How about Thai and Indian Mahouts who have cared for and interacted with elephants for thousands of years? And why the hell are you allowed to interact with wild animals and they aren’t? I’m not saying there aren’t owners out there abusing animals like the Tiger King, but you have ZERO evidence that Schneider or Kevin Robinson do that (besides a single video that was taken so completely out of context it’s in its own fucking time zone). Both men sterilize their animals to prevent captive breeding, they clearly care about and take care of their animals, and their sanctuaries meet all of the ethical guidelines outlined by the South African government. They actively discourage anyone else from interacting with wild animals the way they do—which exculpates them and their animals from any responsibility if people are stupid enough to ignore them. And they do educate people on the beauty of these animals, regardless of whether or not they meet your stupidly high standards for education—which you yourself have never met. You’re basing your entire argument on conjecture and unsubstantiated assumptions, all the while taking videos that show loving interactions completely out of context and posing hypotheticals like “what if” as if they’re inevitable. You assume these interactions actually belie abuse off-screen, again with zero evidence. These are not legitimate arguments. They’re just libelous slander. They reek of rank double standards and uninformed opinion passed off as expertise (which again is exactly what you accuse them of). If you ask me, I don’t think these two conservationists are the narcissists in this equation.
    P.S. what the hell are your credentials for judging these two experts beyond merely your volunteer experiences? Because being a volunteer DOES NOT make you an expert in animal care LMAO.
    P.P.S. You’re incorrect about that video of Schneider hitting a lion. He didn’t hit its head, just it’s paw. He did it to show the lion there’s a line. And finally lions do SO MUCH WORSE to each other just in their play. So how much educating are you doing, lady?
    P.P.P.S. Sticking your hand in an animal’s is mouth IS NOT abuse. Dog owners and trainers do it all the time to discourage biting—which the guys make clear is why they do it. Again, your opinions are not backed up by any real experience in sanctuary management or animal care and you’re not educating anybody with these baseless and hypocritical accusations.


    1. The animals you have seen me handle are orphans & casualties of human/animal conflict, they have been RESCUED not paid for unlike the carnivores owned by Schneider & Richardson !! The baboon I am holding was brain damaged & could not walk all the way & back for her daily exercise, but don’t worry, she’s dead now so no one else will get to interact with her. You are making quite a sweeping statement about what YOU think I do or not do in my day to day life, actually I spend a fair bit of time with REAL conservationists who have more credentials than you or I could ever dream of, Schneider & RIchardson are not conservationists, they do not abide up the code of ethics which state that you do no breed, interact or trade in captive wildlife, they may not breed (though Schneider was going to until he received a backlash) but they certainly trade & touch, one of Richardsons lion killed a girl ~ or is that ok with you?? before you start to spout how Richardson has touted that it was the girls fault, if that was the case, why did members of his staff quit in disgust ?? It’s interesting that those you hold up to care about the animals in their care are all actually people who profit off of those animals, they are just money making commodities, let’s look at the loving mahout, do you know what ‘Phajaan’ is ?? I will assume not & enlighten you. Phajaan is the breaking of a baby elephants spirit, a barbaric practice to enable it to perform for tourists & take them for rides, once the baby has been broken, it will then perform every day for tourists, you may like to research the baby elephant who was so malnourished that during one ‘trick’ which involved it standing on it’s back legs, had to be slaughtered because as it raised on to it’s back legs, the bones in both legs snapped, IF baby elephants survive this faze of life, they will spend the rest being prodded with bullhooks & chained to one spot when not working, elephants evolved to wander hundreds of miles to eat, drink & breed, to spend most of it’s life chained to one spot & prodded with bull hooks has a huge detrimental effect on it’s sanity & many of these elephants going slowly mad & they often end up going on a rampage, killing people & ending up dead, if that’s your idea of being cared about, then it doesn’t surprise me that you can’t see what Schneider is about!! SO you can have a go at me all you like, just because I chose to look at reality rather than through rose coloured spectacles ~ it doesn’t make me wrong, I talk to leading conservationists & get FACTS. So you can retaliate to what I have said if you like, but know that I won’t be responding, I frankly have more important things to do like raising money & awareness for orphan chimps who have seen their whole families slaughtered for bush meat & putting together an event that will see leading conservationists go head to head with trophy hunters about hunting & lion farming (you know, those places Schneider & Richardson buy lions from) Goodbye !! Oh I will just leave this link for you, you know, being as I know NOTHING, but you seem to think you do ~ Pjajaan ~ you’re welcome !!


      1. Oh and
        10. Apparently I need to repeat this: JUST BECAUSE YOU BOUGHT AN ANIMAL, PLAY WITH IT, POST VIDEOS ABOUT IT, AND MAKE MONEY OFF IT DOES NOT MEAN YOU HATE IT AND ABUSE IT! Otherwise literally every cat, dog, and horse owner in the world would be in jail. I mean, Jesus Christ you are bad at this!
        11. This right here, this is why nobody respects PETA. Y’all dont really care about animals. If you did, y’all would be analyzing and fighting to dismantle the capitalist structures that ensure the big gaming, captive breeding, and enclosed hunting industries continue to thrive. All PETA people care about is attention. Your problem is with capitalism, not with two conservationists with their hearts in the right places. Be a communist if you really want to fight this stuff. Communism is awesome!


      2. You need to stop now, you are making yourself sound a bit stupid


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