Dean Schneider is a money man ~ he made alot of money out of financial banking, it makes PERFECT sense that he only see’s these lions as money tokens


Dean Schneider told his faithful followers he would NEVER want to be associated with those facilities that bred captive lions, but NOW as the vet arrived to spay a lioness, Schneider had an epiphany ‘She should have the chance to be a mother’, he goes onto say that he will not interfere with nature, if the lioness cannot successfully raise her cubs, he will not interfere & the cubs will die ~ just like they would in the wild,strange, given that he interferes with every other aspect of their lives.

The cubs will not be born into the wild though will they, they will be born into an enclosure, with lions who do not really understand how lions interact in a pride, because they have been hand reared by a ‘man’ who tells his followers HE is head of the pride!!

A ‘true sanctuary’ DOES NOT ‘Trade, Breed, Interact’, Schneider can spout all he likes about being a ‘sanctuary’, BUT he did indeed BUY the lions, he is seen DAILY interacting with the lions (including punching them in the head to establish his place as head of the pride) AND NOW he will breed this lioness.

It is common practice to vasectomise captive carnivores, thus, had Schneider decided he did not want to be associated with breeding facilities, all his lions would already have been rendered impotent & a pregnancy would have not been possible ~ the truth is, HE ALWAYS INTENDED TO BREED THESE LIONS!!

I will stick my neck out & predict that if this lioness does give birth, he will soon after be posting that things have not gone well & we will see endless posts of him bottle feeding cubs.

I felt a range of emotions watching this cringeworthy video, apart from the fact Schneider is narcissist supremo, he is also incredibly cheesy, I felt angry, incensed, dumbfounded that people fall for his bull, & sick to my stomach ~ but sadly I was not surprised ~ this was ALWAYS on the cards.

PLEASE< PLEASE< PLEASE if you TRULY care about the welfare of captive wildlife, DO NOT be a Schneider supporter, he is just a pretty boy desperate for attention, he does not have the best interest of the animals on his farm at heart, it’s just a vanity project ~ NOT A ‘TRUE’ SANCTUARY!!

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