After the abuse I have received for talking out against Dean Schneider & Kevin Richardson ~ THIS happens !!

West Mathewson ~ whom I have never heard of, apparently rescued two white lioness cubs from a breeding facility, I have no idea if he paid for them, if he did ~ this counts as a purchase not a rescue & gives the ‘farmers’ more money to carry on their heinous breeding of carnivores for the ‘trophy’ hunting & lion bone trade.

West owns a tourist attraction, Lion Tree Top Lodge, where tourists can pay to stay ~ they can also pay to walk with lions, funnily (or not) you could have paid to walk with the lioness’s had they stayed in the lion farming industry, where the natural progression of these cat’s are

cub cuddling ~ lion walking ~ slaughtered !!

West also chose to frolic with the lioness’s, treating them as pet’s, much the same as Schneider & Richardson do, the difference between them & him is ~ his lioness’s have killed him, apparently as his wife watched on, this report states he was out walking them, other reports state he was playing rough & tumble with them.

The lioness’s also killed a lodge worker in a separate incident, one of Richardson’s lions killed a visitor.

Lions are lions, they are HUGE & strong & whilst you may be able to take a carnivore out of the wild, you can not take the wild out of the carnivore ~ besides which the actions of these three men send out COMPLETELY the wrong message to the everyday folk who adore seeing them play with these giants.

West Mathewson with one of his beloved white lionesses. Picture: Facebook / Lion Tree Top Lodge

I must admit I have no sympathy for this man, once again vanity & money got in the way of the best interests of the cat’s, I do however feel for his wife who witnessed what must have been an horrific attack & for his children who have lost a father. His ‘friends’ have spent the day defending him on Facebook, I wonder what they would be saying if it happened to one of the innocent tourists paying for a once in a lifetime experience which they would have assumed was safe to do??

West Mathewson loved the animals “as much as his children”

So for those of you who feel the need to slate me on behalf of Schneider & Richardson I have this to say, ‘slate me all you like, my only interest is in the best interest of the carnivores’, as for those that frolic with & exploit these cat’s for social media adulation & money ~ maybe their clocks are ticking too !! Just think about that when you leap to their defense !!

* ~ *

OFFICIAL BLOOD LIONS STATEMENT:Our heartfelt condolences go out to West Mathewson’s family and friends. Sadly, this tragic accident is not an isolated case in South Africa’s captive lion breeding industry. Records show that in the last 10 years at least 40 similar incidents have occurred with a quarter leading to fatalities. This only reflects those incidents that have been reported in the media and hence there could be more unreported cases. Lions and other big cats, habituated or not, are not domestic animals, but are predators that don’t lose their wild instinct.

* ~ *

If you would like to see what REAL rescuing from the lion farming industry is about you can take a look at

Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary


Lions Rock Big Cat Sanctuary

Both of these facilities allow rescued carnivores to live their BEST captive life, Loved & Respected for the natural killers they are, a hands off environment where they are not treated as pet’s, but as ambassadors for their species !!

You may also be interested in reading ‘Cuddle Me ~ Kill Me’ by Richard Peirce ~ the book that put me on the journey of speaking up for farm bred & exploited carnivores.

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2 thoughts on “After the abuse I have received for talking out against Dean Schneider & Kevin Richardson ~ THIS happens !!

  1. It takes courage to call out the charlatans. It is interesting that we have heard nothing from Dean Schneider in over 4 months. I’ve worked with domesticated, wild, ocean, and desert animals throughout my life. Even a trained dog will bite. People bite. So anyone who thinks they are safe with dangerous animals needs to think again. At any time, anything can set them off. I do, however, have to disagree with your comment about not paying for an animal is considered rescuing. I have had almost all rescued animals in my family and with each one except for 3 cats about to be thrown out of their homes, the rescues, sanctuaries, animal protection and adoption agencies have all required some monies to cover vaccinations, and spaying or neutering. Still they are considered to be rescued and not breed specifically to be sold. Keep doing the good work you are doing!


    1. Thankyou, I have certainly taken PLENTY of flack for it lol. When I say you should never pay for an animal to rescue it, I am referring to situations like purchasing lions from farms, or apes from poachers etc, of course domestic pet rescues will charge when they adopt out, their overheads are enormous & it is only right that they need to recoup some of those costs when e a good home is found. People will always defend pretty people frolicking with beautiful animals, it’s like watching their fantasy ~ however it’s very disturbing that people will defend them, even in the case of one of the lions on Richardsons farm killing a young woman, I can’t understand the dedication, it’s a little bit sick I think


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