Is Dean Schneider ‘courting’ female fans to secure funds for Hakuna Mipaka

This article has just come up, CWW do A LOT of research into their articles & whilst this piece does not offer a firm conclusion as to whether this is infact Schneider or a very sophisticated scammer, I can only assume with the evidence they have held back that they are pretty convinced it is in fact him, afterall, how could anyone other than him know what content he is going to post on social media? We know Schneider loves money & knows how to get it, we know he craves attention, what we don’t know is if there are any other women out there who would like to come forward & tell their story of interactions with Schneider, good or bad ~ so that CWW can get to the bottom of this & hopefully prevent anyone else being scammed this way either by Schneider or an impostor

Dean Schneider, 8.6 Millions Fans, or Possible Victims?

Captive Wildlife Watchdog

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Captive Wildlife Watchdog was founded in order to change the way the public relates to wild and captive wild animals, and how the public relates to those who exploit and abuse wild and captive wild animals. One of the most difficult things we face in our efforts is the fact that often public figures we discuss are exploiting and abusing their fans through manipulation, misinformation, and lies just as severely as they are the animals in their care. Not unlike cult leaders who are adored by their followers regardless of the harmful things they do, or the damaging rhetoric they preach, the fans of such celebrities vehemently and steadfastly support their idols with undying devotion. A very poignant example of this currently is the followers of President Trump, in America.

This blind adoration changes only when the way in which fans perceive their hero changes, and that only happens when fans are willing to accept the possibility that their perceptions, and their beliefs, which were subsequently formed upon those perceptions are incorrect. CWW cannot force readers to embrace the idea that their faith and affection in celebrity animal exploiters is misplaced anymore than outsiders can convince cult members that their chosen prophet is a charlatan. All we can do is to provide objective and impartial information and encourage fans to examine that information, and consider the possibility that those they admire might not be the heroes they’ve advertised themselves as.

Sometimes this reality blindsides the fans in much more brutal, and unforgiving ways than the impartial facts provided by us. As the old American adage proclaims, ‘experience keeps a dear school but fools will learn in no other.’ The term ‘fool’ is inaccurate, and unfair in most of these cases, as fans aren’t idiots, they’ve simply been mislead by those they trusted. Such is the case with a devoted and adoring fan of Dean Schneider who reached out to CWW a number of weeks ago with a disturbing, and shocking tail of abuse and defraudment. Since being contacted, CWW has methodically waded through the associated documentation, following leads, and verifying all facts possible, something that took considerable time.

Before delving into this situation it is vital to make it explicitly clear that Caron is a survivor of abuse–both psychological, and emotional–as well as possible catfishing. Exactly who is responsible for subjecting her to these abuses is something one can debate, but the fact that Caron was abused on multiple levels for months is irrefutable fact.

This is not a matter of retaliation, or baseless allegations made by an disillusioned fan trying to ‘get back’ at Dean Schneider. Caron provided CWW with over 500 transcribed pages of conversation between herself and someone who claimed to be Dean Schneider. The phone number utilized in these WhatsApp conversations with Caron is registered in Switzerland, where Schneider was born, and where he’s spent considerable time during the Coronavirus pandemic. Multiple email addresses were utilized during the interactions between Caron and the entity who claimed to be Dean Schneider, and while tracking those addresses to a specific IHP location has proved difficult, both addresses, and are addresses which could have associated with Dean Schneider or his Hakuna Mipaka Foundation at various iterations of its existence. We know that in just the few years of its existence Schneider has changed the website of his Oasis multiple times. There was both a .org and a Squarespace website for The Hakuna Mipaka Oasis, now it is listed under while the only contact information is Emails associated with his Foundation have also changed multiple times. All of Caron’s interactions with ‘Schneider’ began via his personal Facebook page through FB messages after she friended him. This profile is the same one through which Dean Schneider contacted CWW, and commented on several of our posts when we first began discussing him and his questionable activities.

Dean Schneider has, from the moment he appeared on the social media scene, consistently, and steadfastly insisted that he, personally, manages all of his social media pages, he personally creates all his social media content, and he personally interacts with his fans on his social media platforms, answering up to 800 comments a day on some posts. The only person Schneider has referred to and/or mentioned in regard to social media posts is Noeh who works behind the scenes with him, aiding in the operation of Schneider’s Foundation, a name which was also involved with the interactions Caron had with ‘Schneider’ via WhatsApp, and email. Along with 500 pages of transcripts of these interactions, including the transfer of money from Caron to ‘Schneider’ there are formal documents which contain the official trademarked The Hakuna Mipaka Oasis logo which were issued to Caron by ‘Schneider’ in regard to a ‘membership’ into The Hakuna Mipaka Oasis, something ‘Schneider’ was supposedly going to roll out to the public at some point. There were also extremely perplexing and inauspicious email exchanges between Caron, and “The Hakuna Mipaka Team” which we’ll address later in the article.

Throughout the entirety of CWW’s investigation into Caron’s documentation and narrative, we have been unable to find any evidence or substantive imputation that the person who interacted with Caron was not Dean Schneider himself. We have not found irrefutable proof that the person in contact with Caron was Dean Schneider himself, either. In this situation, it’s very important to understand that absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

While fans and supporters of Schneider will immediately declare that a lack of ironclad evidence means that Schneider is innocent, such a claim is fallacious. ‘Argument from ignorance’ or ‘appeal to ignorance’ as it is commonly called, is a false dichotomy asserting that a proposition is false because it has not yet been proven true. This type of false dichotomy does not allow for the possibility that the answer is unknowable, only knowable in the future, or neither completely true, or completely false.

There is also the existence of contrapositives in play in this situation. Contrapositives exist in relation to given statements. Given Statement: If condition A is true, then condition B is true. Contrapositive of the Given Statement is then: If condition B is not true, then condition A is not true. In the case of this article, Dean Schneider has repeatedly made adamant declarations to his millions of followers that he, personally, manages everything going on at Hakuna Mipaka, he, personally, manages his social media accounts, and all the posts therein, and that he, personally, manages his name and persona. Therefore it’s unrealistic to think any of his associates could carry out this activity in his name for months without him becoming aware of it, and it’s unrealistic to think that someone using his personal Facebook profile (which is still active, and though not updated since March of 2018, does contain multiple posts promoting his Hakuna Mipaka Oasis) could carry out multiple conversations with a woman without Schneider being aware of those conversations. Furthermore, while Schneider’s personal Facebook profile remains functional and active, as of the writing of this article, Caron was blocked from seeing it after she reached out to the Hakuna Mipaka Oasis via their website contact form. If, as readers will be shown, the person using Schneider’s FB profile to interact with Caron wasn’t Schneider, and wasn’t associated with Schneider, and Schneider was then made aware of the fraudulent activity, why did Schneider not take steps to remove the profile from FB? Instead, this profile remains active, and Caron has simply been blocked from seeing it.

After our investigation, we can only offer the definitive statement that there is considerable circumstantial evidence suggesting Dean Schneider himself disabused Caron as a fan, or was aware of his associates disabusing her while posing as Dean himself, and only limited evidence, such as the lack of audio or video recordings, to suggest that Schneider himself did not carry out the interactions. Because we have no reason to suspect that Schneider was not the person speaking to Caron, we will refer to that person by Schneider’s name, but since we cannot prove beyond doubt that it was Schneider himself, we will bracket his name with apostrophes when referencing his name in relation to Caron’s experience.

Back in the spring Caron, who had long admired Dean Schneider, and saw him as an idealistic young hero who’d given up a comfortable lifestyle in Switzerland in order to rescue and protect animals in Africa, sent him a friend request on his personal Facebook profile. She was surprised when several days later ‘Schneider’ not only accepted her friend request but messaged her in response. He was every bit as charming in messages as he was in the cheerful and love-filled videos of himself interacting with his lions and other animals. Flattered, Caron was thrilled to message back and forth with ‘Schneider’. At the time, Caron’s home situation was unfulfilling. The unexpected interaction and attention from a young man she so deeply admired validated her as a woman worthy of love and respect.

Soon, ‘Schneider’ suggested moving their conversations from Facebook, to WhatsApp, and provided Caron with a contact phone number registered in Switzerland, Dean’s homeland, and a place he often visits. Caron already felt a strong connection to ‘Schneider’ and the more they interacted, the more clear it was that he felt a similar connection to her. They spoke frequently, and at length about their lives and about ‘Schneider’s’ dreams for Hakuna Mipaka, and the daily activities of the Oasis. They would have spoken more, but internet access on the Oasis was spotty, at best, and sometimes it was a struggle to maintain enough of a connection to upload the videos so loved by Dean’s fans. To counter the issue, ‘Schneider’ explained, they often utilized iTunes gift cards, but those were also in short supply because money wasn’t always readily available to purchase them. After all, the care of the animals came first, internet access only came afterward, if there was money leftover for it.

Caron had her own troubles in daily life, as well as those added by the encroaching Coronavirus pandemic, but when she could, she bought an iTunes gift card, going through the awkward process of transferring it to ‘Schneider’s’ email so it could be used to help out. It wasn’t much, but it made her feel good to be a part of making The Hakuna Mipaka Oasis successful. ‘Schneider’ was gracious and thankful for the help, even more so because it was Caron who’d offered it. Each time she got enough money to spare, Caron sent another card, while she continued to talk almost daily with ‘Schneider’.

Her presence and friendship was a big comfort to him, he told her, and she likewise found reassurance and validation in his value of her, despite a difference in age and location. But things like age meant nothing to ‘Schneider’, it was Caron’s energy and spirit he was attracted to, not that she wasn’t also attractive.

Each conversation with ‘Schneider’ gave Caron a respite from the stress of lockdown, uncertainty of the future, and from some of the pain and discomfort of the physical ailments she was dealing with. Helping by sending iTunes cards gave her a sense of purpose and pride, knowing that she was having a positive impact on the lion, Dexter, and his family, even from halfway around the world. And her actions were vital to supporting the day to day functions of The Hakuna Mipaka Oasis, according to ‘Schneider’. They were also increasingly vital to his happiness, he confessed during one conversation. Talking to Caron, and being able to say she was the reason he could upload a video, or make a social media post made ‘Schneider’ proud of her and her support. All the guys at Hakuna Mipaka were grateful for it, he told Caron.

Eventually it became easier for Caron to just send money, rather than iTunes gift cards. Apple had inhibited several of her donations, deeming the transactions suspicious. ‘Schneider’ suggested she use digital currency, which could then be easily moved around. It was Noeh’s idea, according to ‘Schneider’, because he knew how close she and ‘Dean’ had become, and that she wanted to continue helping the Oasis. South Africa was levying unfair taxes and monetary charges on the Oasis, according to ‘Schneider’ and receiving digital currency meant that Caron’s donations could be discreetly utilized wherever it was needed without losing any of its value. Setting up the process took some effort and time to manage, but between Noeh, ‘Schneider’ and Caron, they got everything straightened out eventually.

Meanwhile, ‘Dean’ had admitted to Caron that somewhere along the way, he’d realized he more than just enjoyed her conversation and presence in his life, he loved it, and he wanted her to remain a part of his life, and be a part of his future. Despite her insecurities, and her health concerns, Caron found herself reveling in the development of her relationship with ‘Schneider’. There was nothing she wasn’t prepared to do or give in order to help him, and the Oasis continue to succeed in their mission. She was fully committed to ‘Schneider’, and to a future with him, in the beauty of South Africa, surrounded by animals rescued from abuse and given a chance to live as freely as possible. Though Caron was open with ‘Schneider’ about her health issues–including a possible brain tumor for which she was currently undergoing diagnostics–he was committed to his relationship with her, even calling her his ‘wife’.

Like any relationship, the one between ‘Schneider’ and Caron had its ups and downs. Caron worried that ‘Dean’ would have second thoughts about being with an older woman and ‘Dean’ often worked long hours out on the Oasis, and if the internet failed it could be days before he responded to Caron, leaving her feeling set aside, and adrift. To make up for some of his inattentiveness, ‘Schneider’ professed to being influenced by Caron’s inability to bear children in his choice to allow Nayla to remain whole, and possibly become a mother, which he then announced to his fans on social media. When (after CWW publicly denounced this plan) ‘Schneider’ later came to the decision that spaying the young lioness was the more responsible thing to do, Caron never wavered in her support of his choice for what was best for the lions and the Oasis. Caron also criticized CWW on several occasions for spreading lies about Dean, especially in relation to the video of Dean striking one of his lionesses, something which according to ‘Schneider’ took time and effort to counter, as, he claimed, media outlets had been demanding bribes in order to prevent the video from escalating further.

They spoke of meeting, and of Caron traveling to the Oasis to meet the animals, and other people living there, the ‘boys’ as ‘Dean’ called them, along with Jesse and his son, Yucca. The only problem was that the Hakuna Mipaka Oasis had been closed to the public so that it could qualify as a nonprofit, and therefore no one could visit it. Legally, it wasn’t allowed. Unless, ‘Schneider’ mused during one conversation, Caron became a member of the Hakuna Mipaka family. Although they’d closed to any public visitors, and guests when they became a nonprofit, ’Schneider’ and Noeh were working on a new phase in the Oasis. For those truly dedicated to supporting the Oasis’s mission and life principles, there would soon be the option of becoming a Member.

Anyone who held a Member certificate could visit the Oasis, and it wouldn’t breach any rules regarding its nonprofit status. But Membership was expensive. It wasn’t designed to be something that just anyone could manage. After all, that would have defeated the purpose of being closed to the public. And it would have cost the Oasis their nonprofit status. Even nonprofit orgs have their primary patrons and supporters, though. For the Oasis, that would be its Members, according to ‘Schneider’. Gaining Membership would be the next step in Caron’s journey toward joining ‘Dean’ in South Africa, and in life on the Oasis.

But with her ongoing health concerns, and the recession caused by the Coronavirus, Caron didn’t have thousands of pounds to spend on a Hakuna Mipaka Membership, no matter how devoted she was to ‘Dean’ and the Oasis. The Membership became a sore point for her, and a straining point on their relationship. Caron didn’t understand why she could not visit Hakuna Mipaka as just ‘Schneider’s’ girlfriend, especially since his family could visit him. After discussing things with Noeh, ‘Schneider’ told Caron that the money she’d already sent would count toward her payment into the Membership program.

This Membership program, according to ‘Schneider’ was something the Hakuna Mipaka Team had always planned on initiating. Formed of an ‘inner circle’ the members would hold a membership agreement, which ‘Schneider’ referred to as ‘The Animal/People Privacy Policy’. New member-hopefuls needed to have an established member vouch for them, and must pay initiation dues of £1,200, then Membership Form payment of £2,400, and then Membership Dues of £1,500. Fully paid, card-holding Members would be allowed to visit the Hakuna Mipaka Oasis, as well as participate in activities to help stop animal cruelty on a larger scale. Caron would be the 23rd Member of the Hakuna Mipaka Oasis, according to ‘Schneider’. There were already 22 paid members. The high costs were vital in order to fund the Oasis, but clearly it was working with 22 members already enrolled.

‘Schneider’ had already vouched for Caron, and because of her relationship with him, and her current situation, Noeh agreed that she could pay off her initiation fee in monthly payments. Still, the need for a Membership was something that weighed on Caron, and made her feel as though she was being forced to buy ‘Schneider’s’ affection. But every day on Schneider’s Instagram profile, fans were shown the progress of the Oasis, and the Live Wild Project. The success of donations, including the monies made through the Membership process that ‘Schneider’ had explained was visibly obvious. That was a success Caron desperately wanted to be a part of, so she continued to pay what she could.

‘Schneider’ for his part, was largely supportive of Caron’s slow progress in paying all of the fees associated with becoming a Member of the Oasis, encouraging her, and endeavoring to help her change her mindset toward a successful one. Those who criticized Caron, called her stupid, and did not appreciate her, like her family, for example, were incapable of the sort of enlightened thinking he subscribed to, and that Caron was capable of. After all, Schneider himself had given up everything and moved to Africa with the simple goal of rescuing animals, and through his hard work, and positive mindset, look what he’d achieved so far. Caron could do the same. ‘Schneider’ even suggested books on positive thinking to Caron that he’d enjoyed. And if taking out a loan, or convincing her ungrateful husband to unknowingly pay for her Membership wasn’t an option–two possible methods ‘Schneider’ had suggested–then he’d stand by her while she paid in small incriminates. The important fact was that they’d eventually be together. Everyone on the Oasis Team had undergone the same process that Caron was going through, all of them had paid their dues, and signed the Membership Form pledging to abide by the Rules of the Oasis.

In order to help Caron feel more appreciated, since she wasn’t yet a full Member, ‘Schneider’ asked her in early June if she would act as a secretary for the Live Wild Project. The Oasis had been having trouble with Donations through PayPal, according to ‘Schneider’, because Africa imposed restrictions that prevented PayPal from being used to its full potential. To get around that issue, ‘Schneider’ asked Caron to set up a new PayPal account using the address, with Dean’s name on the account. When PayPal asked whether the new account was business or personal, ‘Schneider instructed Caron to register it as ‘personal’ as she was personally managing it. With a new PayPal.Me account set up under the name Caron would be in charge of the incoming donations for the Live Wild Project. With the instability in South Africa, though, ‘Schneider’ said that according to Noeh, they would stick with the Blockchain app until it ceased to be the most efficient, then they would change to the new PayPal account.

More than once, Caron questioned whether or not she was truly speaking to Schneider, but each time she did so, he calmly reassured her that she would know if he was an impostor. Did she think that just anyone could pose as him and pull it off? She watched him every day, listened to him, and his speech. Wouldn’t she recognize someone who wasn’t him trying to copy his diction and mannerisms? It didn’t help that Caron’s own family was questioning her intelligence, and why anyone would be interested in her. She was being made a fool of, and too stupid to know it, they argued. ‘Schneider’ believed in Caron, though, and reminded her that only she could change her stars. She could either believe the negative and degrading assessments of her family, or she could choose to believe she was better than that, and destined for better things than the life she was currently living.

The better things, of course, would be a new life with Dean surrounded by their animal family at the Hakuna Mipaka Oasis. That, and ‘Schneider’s’ ongoing support of her made Caron’s decision for her. And Caron’s work and loyalty paid off. In June of 2020 despite not having quite completely paid everything required, ‘Schneider’ emailed her an official Hakuna Mipaka Oasis membership form to be filled out. Elated, Caron promptly filled out the form and emailed it back to ‘Schneider’ who passed it on to Noeh, who would sign it.

In the meantime, Dean was preparing for a trip to Zürich Switzerland, during which, he told Caron, that he would have a video conference call with the other Members of the Oasis, and introduce her.

That would never end up happening. The video call with Caron, anyway. Schneider did travel to Zürich, spending over a month there. He spoke to Caron several times after arriving, and while he was quarantined for the first ten days. A number of his Instagram posts indicate that he was, indeed in Switzerland, though others had no geographical location listed with them. It is unclear if Schneider made those posts, and simply did not include a location tag, or if Noeh or Jesse, who according to ‘Schneider’ in a message to Caron, was ‘handling things back at the Oasis’ made the posts. Many things regarding Schneider remain woefully unclear. On July 17, after six months of interactions, ‘Schneider’ simply stopped responding to Caron on WhatsApp.

Eventually, on July 22, Caron contacted the Hakuna Mipaka Oasis using their contact email, addressing Dean, and asking for a partial refund of the monies she’d sent him. The interactions between Caron and The Hakuna Mipaka Oasis are posted below in screenshots, and are, to put in very mildly, irregular, and blasé. As we will discuss, they only add to the strangeness of the entire story.

Caron’s initial email to

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When faced with receiving an email directed to Dean, by name, and referencing a personal relationship with him, along with a request for a partial refund, the only reaction from Schneider’s official Foundation is a short, grammatically incorrect query about what refund Caron was talking about.

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When Caron explains that she’s been paying into her membership with the Oasis, the reply is just as scattered, if longer, and better formed. They first asked what kind of membership she means, then informed her that they don’t offer any membership, and then state that Dean has nothing to do with such memberships. The responder then states that the only thing the Oasis has is a donation link. They follow up their response by urging Caron to be careful who she sends money to, or gets in contact with because people might be unverified, or from fake websites or numbers.

So, does Hakuna Mipaka not have any membership? Or do they have memberships, but Dean ‘has nothing to do with such memberships’? It’s either one, or the other, but if the Oasis doesn’t have any memberships, there’s no need to add a clarification that Dean has nothing to do with ‘such memberships’. And why would a nameless person fielding an email inquiry directed at Dean Schneider personally urge the sender–whom for all they know may well be personally acquainted with Dean Schneider–to be careful, and mention fake websites and numbers? Caron had not mentioned any website, nor had she mentioned any phone number at all. It’s as if whomever wrote this particular reply is preemptively setting up a scenario before one has even manifested.

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The reply offering contradictory information that memberships are not offered, and Dean isn’t involved with such memberships.
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When Caron informs them that she’s been working with Dean and Noeh, sending them payments via Bitcoin, and that she’s logged a fraud case in the United Kingdom, the response from reverts to brusque, but still contradictory. The sender asserts that the Oasis does not offer payments through Bitcoin. But then they immediately ask Caron to provide them with proof of payment, messages, and email. If Hakuna Mipaka Oasis, Schneider’s foundation does not accept payments through Bitcoin, there is absolute zero reason for them to ask Caron to provide proof that she sent them money through Bitcoin.

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A further reply, again offering contradictory information stating that no payments through Bitcoin are accepted but also asking for proof of Caron’s payments through Bitcoin.

At this point, Caron forwarded screenshots of the completely Membership form to ‘The Hakuna Mipaka Team’. To protect Caron’s privacy we will not post that screenshot. We will, however, post the reply she received.

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The final reply Caron received. She has not been contacted by anyone affiliated with The Hakuna Mipaka Oasis since, nor did she ever find out who she was even speaking to, or why the carried on a conversation about possible fraud when they were not management and did not, apparently, have any authority to speak on behalf of the Oasis.

In Caron’s response, she implores whoever is answering the emails to contact Dean or Noeh, who are in Switzerland. She provides a screenshot of the Hakuna Mipaka Membership form, along with the Swiss phone number she’s been interacting with. The phone number is registered in Zurich which can be verified through a basic search.

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Since there is a considerable lack of transparency (as is so often the case with animal exploiters) there’s no way to know who actually handles emails for Dean Schneider’s foundation. Within the exchange between Caron and, it even seems as those more than one person might be speaking as the replies range from grammatical incorrect, short sentences, to much longer, more complex responses. Such changes in diction often indicate a different person is speaking.

The reply from presents an immediate denial, claiming that the email address doesn’t belong to them, as it ends in, which as she can see is not like theirs. They also deny that the phone number and email belong to Dean. They then claim that Caron has been speaking to a fake person trying to steal money from ‘people’ and that they will forward everything to management to assure that this person won’t continue. They end their email by saying that they hope Caron’s fraud complaint can help her.

If this reply was coming from a person, not a professional entity, it might sound more legitimate, but there is no actual substance to anything contained in it. ‘Schneider’ said more than once in his interactions with Caron that he had multiple phones, and anyone can have a dozen email addresses. Simply saying that the ones used to contact Caron don’t belong to Dean doesn’t prove they don’t. Their casual assertion that Caron has been interacting with a fraud, and that they’ve ‘forwarded this case to management’ is both disingenuous and inappropriate, considering that they’ve responded as if they have the authority to speak for Hakuna Mipaka but now are indicating that they don’t have such authority and they’re passing it on to someone who does.

The Membership Form provided to Caron contains the use of an official Hakuna Mipaka logo:

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This Membership form was sent to Caron in a PDF format. We have hidden the exact address for privacy.

The Hakuna Mipaka logo shown has been used on multiple items of merchandise as well as on the official Hakuna Mipaka Instagram.

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Dean is shown wearing an official Hakuna Mipaka merch sweatshirt with the exact same logo.

It can even be seen stenciled on a vehicle owned by the Hakuna Mipaka Oasis.

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A Hakuna Mipaka vehicle bearing the same logo used on the Membership Form sent to Caron.

The Membership form also contains the Hakuna Mipaka official motto, No Limits, as well as a valid South African address (which does exist, and is in the general area where we know the Oasis is located) But none of this is even acknowledged by the official Hakuna Mipaka Oasis representative who replied to Caron’s emails.

These facts aren’t mild details, they’re a massive public relations disaster waiting to happen. Dean Schneider’s name has become his entire brand, his Hakuna Mipaka empire has been built off Dean’s supposed honesty with his fans, and his willingness to include them in his daily life. His calls for fans to ‘Become a Protector’ and join his movement from day one used the same logo as the one shown on the Membership form sent to Caron. This same logo was used on Hakuna Mipaka’s original .org website (which has now been deleted but can still be seen through archived web pages) as well as the Hakuna Mipaka website run by Squarespace. Having your company or brand’s official logos and names used illegally to defraud members of the public is a monumental deal. There are entire legal papers written on the subject and how damaging it can be to companies and brands, and how to protect your company’s information from being used by scammers. Many websites address this issue, and all of them list primary responses focused on the same points: Notifying consumers/followers immediately. Contacting law enforcement about the illegal activity. Provide resources for the affected consumer(s). Use the episode to update your security practices, and raise awareness among your consumers/followers of what is happening, and how they can protect themselves. All of these points are specifically designed to minimize the catastrophic damage that can be done to a company, entity or brand by the act of someone illegally using their logo and name to defraud others.

At this point in the situation, it doesn’t matter whether Caron spoke directly to the true Dean Schneider or not. The entities operating in his name still have an obligation and responsibility to respond in a professional manner, for their own protection, as much as for hers.

But apparently, none of that is a concern for The Hakuna Mipaka Oasis. For them, the fact that Dean Schneider’s name, and an official logo of his Hakuna Mipaka Oasis Foundation were possibly used to defraud a woman of money isn’t worth more than a blasé denial of involvement, and a ‘so long, and good luck’.

It should be noted that when Caron commented on several of Schneider’s posts trying to garner acknowledgement from him, in regard to their relationship, she was contacted by another woman who claimed to have also had interactions with ‘Dean’ and had suffered a similar experience to what Caron went through. Unlike Caron, however, this second victim was not interested in publicly discussing her story. It is not clear whether this second victim was truly a victim, or someone merely posing as a victim in order to try and ascertain whether or not Caron intended to pursue public action against Dean Schneider. There are also unsubstantiated rumors that even more women have had similar interactions and lost money to a ‘Dean’.

Dean Schneider supposedly mentioned on his social media something about Caron, or fraud or, well, we don’t know what Schneider said, where he said it, or how he said it because we can’t find any post or video wherein Schneider addresses what happened to Caron. In an abundance of fairness, CWW will presume that Schneider did address what happened to Caron, at some point, in some post, on some account. However, the fact that this mention was so ephemeral, so casual and passing that within a few weeks of having made it, there is absolutely no indication it ever happened, speaks to the utter failing of Schneider and his Foundation to act in an appropriate manner in regard to this situation. Identity fraud involving a celebrity is an extremely grave problem with exceptionally profound potential consequences to both the company, celebrity, or brand involved, as well as the public who is being defrauded.

The lack of response or action from Dean Schneider or representatives of The Hakuna Mipaka Oasis is both shocking, and unprofessional, and it leaves us with two basic ways to view what happened to Caron.

Either someone used Dean’s name, and the logos of The Hakuna Mipaka Oasis to illegally advertise a Membership program and bilk the public out of money, and the actual Hakuna Mipaka Oasis members, staff, and team do not consider this to be an issue, OR Dean and/or members of his crew are intentionally exploiting fans for money, and the lack of concern and action is indicative of a situation wherein calm suppression of an incident is the preferable form of damage control.

If we consider the former possibility that someone has ‘stolen’ Schneider’s identity and used it to pose as him:

For someone to pose as Schneider, they would need to have access to Schneider’s personal Facebook profile (the same personal profile which attacked posts by CWW, and whose comments were then upheld as ‘statements’ from Dean Schneider by other media sites) They would have to obtain a phone that was registered in Switzerland, they would need to follow Schneider closely enough on social media that they could reference daily events, and in some cases, reference those events prior to any post on Schneider’s social media pages mentioning them. They would need to obtain official logos belonging to the Hakuna Mipaka Oasis, and create a fake membership form, including a South African address in the same area where the Oasis is located. They would then have to monitor Schneider’s personal Facebook profile from an administrative position, and respond to friend requests, and send out messages to prospective victims before moving them over to the Swiss-based phone number and WhatsApp. All of that is before they ever even begin the process of defrauding each victim of money. In Caron’s case, the interaction lasted for six entire months and resulted in a relatively small payout, because while the monetary loss was profound for Caron, it was small beans in the world of scammers.

Is it possible that an unrelated entity has been using Schneider’s name, logos, and Facebook profile to illegally defraud the public? Of course. Such cases of stolen identity aren’t uncommon for celebrities. However, Schneider’s personal Facebook profile–the one who has interacted with CWW, and which has been cited as providing statements from Dean, the same one which accepted Caron’s friend request and then interacted with her, remains active as of the writing of this post. It presents a nearly insurmountable level of stupidity for a public entity like Schneider to be informed that his personal page has been used to defraud people, and yet he remains so unconcerned about it that he still leaves his profile active, even though it’s being illegally used by someone else.

If we consider the latter possibility, that Schneider himself, or members of his staff/friends were the people who interacted with Caron:

There is an established pattern of ‘donate’ or ‘buy-in’ pyramid schemes in Schneider’s past. His LifeGate AG company is what first brought him to South Africa as an event designed to reward members by allowing them to interact with lions at Cornell Skop, a notorious exploitative establishment. LifeGate AG was an ‘investment company’ based off members recruiting new investors in return for huge bonuses, as well as a cut of the funds raised by the new workers they brought in, who in turn brought in other investors those investments which paid the bonuses of the people who brought them in. This company is the ‘successful and promising financial career’ so often mentioned in Schneider’s biography. It was criticized as a Ponzi scheme and has undergone multiple changes since then and is currently run by Schneider’s father. There is also an established pattern of ‘elitist inner circle’ in Schneider’s history as his ‘successful financial career’ with LifeGate AG involved a privileged inner circle who was celebrated at expensive banquets, and galas. So the idea of a special Membership at The Hakuna Mipaka Oasis isn’t out of character for Schneider. Those associated with Schneider would have easy access to his personal Facebook account, and the messages and friend requests therein. Schneider travels back and forth from SA to Switzerland, and much of The Hakuna Mipaka Oasis’s legal holdings are either in Switzerland, or its neighbor country, Liechtenstein. The financial background of Schneider and his close friends means that the Bitcoin industry (which is an extremely fast growing financial industry) would be something easily understood by them, and easily exploited by them, if they chose to do so. And, of course, Schneider’s very persona provides him with a huge advantage when it comes to deniability. Why would someone of his stature ever engage in, or allow the engagement of his team members in such activities? Clearly, Caron is just a delusional hater! It’s a built-in automatic defense. Why would Schneider every risk his public image, and the reputation of his Oasis in such a way?

We leave readers with these more astute questions:

If Dean Schneider, and his Hakuna Mipaka Oasis are victims of identity theft, have have been made aware that their fans are being targeted by those thieves for exploitation, why haven’t they done anything to protect themselves, and their fans, and stop the exploitation? If Dean Schneider cares so much for his adoring fans, why hasn’t he publicly discussed the fact that his name is being used to steal money from them, and why hasn’t he publicly taken lasting steps to make them aware that he has never interacted with any of them, and that if anyone claiming to be him is lying? Why hasn’t Schneider publicly discussed it is not him that is “catfishing” a vulnerable woman, promising her a life with him at his Oasis, while accepting money from her? Why hasn’t Schneider publicly explained that his active personal profile is no longer in use by him, and then deleted that profile? Why, haven’t Schneider and his team taken any meaningful action in this matter at all?

And how is it that this person has intimiate knowledge of the goings on at the Oasis, discussing them with Caron, before Schneider uploads them on his social media platforms? Reading through 500 plus pages of transcripts witnessing Caron’s vulnerability and “Schneider’s” obvious catfishing was painfully excruciating.

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9 thoughts on “Is Dean Schneider ‘courting’ female fans to secure funds for Hakuna Mipaka

  1. Imagine writing all of this and still failing to make a point. The situation was handled as it should have been. Does it surprise you that a scammer would try to look legitimate?


  2. You lose some credibility by writing an article in which you blame people by names , but keeping anonymity of the complainant. If this is about to have any value in the public eye, your “Caron” should come with her full name and evidence to the public. If any was true, she would have nothing to hide or be ashamed of – she would’ve been the victim. … and this was just my comment for loosing “some” credibility. … At the bottom of the article, you have 3 more related “hate”-posts (just to simplify it) towards Dean Schneider and the mission, which directly contributes to loosing ALL credibility as a reliable and objective source in pursue of any truth.
    In general, I don’t know neither you or Dean Schneider, but at the end of the day his public persona is still the lovely animal carer that so many admire and this here is a bitter Caron that might learn a lesson better through complete sincerity or letting go.


    1. Other women have come forward & it’s still being looked into. Schneider knows about the situation, if he cared about his followers, & if there is indeed a scammer, you would think he would warn his followers, the women who have since come forward know the daily goings on at his place before it ever goes on his social media, so are they scammed or not ?? we haven’t gotten to the bottom of it yet, but does that mean we shouldn’t make women aware that something is going on & they should be careful ??


    2. First of all, keeping victims/accusers anonymous is a standard legal procedure that happens in most countries. Unless the person is willing to be named, they are kept anonymous by the legal system. Them choosing to follow this same procedure does not make them less credible. And saying she wouldn’t have to be ashamed or hide if it was true is just so toned death. There are victims harassed, blamed and attacked all the time for speaking out, hence why keeping their identity hidden is a must., and why they (the victims) are trying to stay anonymous. You sound like a fan boy desperately trying to defend his hero, but refusing to see logic.

      Liked by 1 person



    1. Please feel free to message me privately if you would like to discuss this


  4. I’m sure this is a scammer . Who has gained Deans information.
    I personally don’t think this treatment is fair . However I do feel sorry for the women involved.
    Dean is a loving person. Do you think that it’s likely possible, he rejected these women who chased him ? Anything is possible without proof , women can become hurt if rejected by someone they admire .
    I’m just curious if this behaviour.
    Dean has an image to maintain so I really don’t think he has lead them on . Or as I mentioned a scammer may have . But not the real Dean . I do feel sorry for these women if they involved with a scammer . However
    If they were chatting to real Dean , then maybe they became hurt because Dean rejected them


    1. One of them has manuscripts from their communications, the others all have information of the day to day goings on at his place, stuff that he has never published to his fans AND they have not been rejected, they just realised they were being used for money


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