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9AM ~ 5PM

I have booked the venue which will include

Cinema 2

42 seat cinema between the hours of 9am & 1pm

(cinema size can be increased if ticket sales demand it)

Waterside Suite 1

Will be used to show short films along with Q&A’s

Waterside Suites 2 & 3

Will be open plan for 12 ~ 15 charities to set up stall & promote themselves, both suites have screens, charities may submit slide shows which the venue techs will be able to set up to play on a loop throughout the day

Waterside Corridor

Overlooking the water, will be set up for book signings, face paintings & animal bites.

Café & Bar

Providing vegan & gluten free options

Purpose of the day

To raise awareness for animal conservation & welfare issues, both home & around the world.

The main focus will be on


Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue & Rehabilitation

Having fell in love with LCRP at The Ape Alliance panel, I personally do a monthly direct debit to help them & shall be running a Go Fund Me page alongside this event.

Jimmy & Jenny Desmond started their journey by becoming the caretakers of chimpanzees abandoned by The New York Blood Center, the laboratory pledged to always provide for their care, but in 2015 they stopped. The story is told in Lindsey Parietti’s BAFTA winning short film ‘Blood Island’ which we shall be showing at the event. After becoming the caretakers of these abandoned Chimpanzees, news spread & now the Desmonds receive baby chimpanzees who have been conviscated from traders who have slaughtered the babies families & are now selling the babies as pets. These babies are arriving on an all too regular basis, currently there are TWENTY THREE.

LCRP need to build a sanctuary in order to rescue, rehabilitate & release these babies where they can live free & safe & I would love to raise awarenes & funds to help them build the best environment for these babies to thrive.


Image result for blood lions

The Canned Hunting Industry

My second focus is on the lion farming industry in Africa. I purchased a signed copy of ‘Cuddle Me ~ Kill Me’ by Richard Peirce. The book starts with the story of two ladies, one unwittingly took a job raising ‘orphan’ cubs, the other unwittingly paid to volunteer & help her, neither ladies knew what they were actually contributing to, until the day two of the cubs they had helped to rear were returned to the ‘farm’, they visited Obi & Oliver at the ‘farm’ & instantly knew all was not well, after much research, the truth of the lions future became abhorrently clear, Obi & Oliver would meet one of two fates, shot by a ‘trophy hunter’ or killed for their bones to be sold to Asia.

The ladies decided to set up a sanctuary, take back the boy’s & other cat’s that they were able to save from this vile industry, the sanctuary is thriving, Obi & Oliver are happy & healthy & inspired by the story, I shall be travelling to Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary to volunteer for two weeks with them from 10th November 2018.


Whenever I ask people if they know what ‘canned hunting’ is the answer is always NO, sadly though, if these same people were to visit Africa, they may decide to do activities such as ‘cub cuddling’ or ‘walking with lions’ amazing experiences for any tourist, sadly though, this is the start of the road to death for these lions & we need to let tourists know ~ they need to say NO to these activities for the sake of these lions.

We shall be showing ‘Blood Lions’ at the event.



Opportunities for charities

To provide a space where we can promote animal welfare causes & raise public’s awareness of issues that are occurring that they may have no knowledge about, both at home & further afield.

To reach out, inform & promote your cause in the hope of generating more support from the public.

Charities/projects will be offered the opportunity to have a table at the event

They will be able to:

  • Attend the event free of charge & have a table & if desired a free standing notice board, in Waterside suites 2 or 3
  • Have access from 8am to set up ready for doors open at 9am
  • Have collection tins
  • Provide slide shows which can be added to the loop which will be playing all day
  • Provide short films to be shown in Waterside suite 1, along with a short Q&A if they wish

All that is requested in return for this free event is that participating charities/projects

  • Promote the event on their social media
  • Provide a raffle gift if possible
  • Provide reviews of their experience of the day, the good, the bad & the ugly in order that, if we decide to run further events we can see what we did right & what we did wrong, & that we can use on social media.


If you would like to be involved, please email me & I shall forward an application form

Looking forward to seeing you there





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