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My name is Debbie & on 7th February 2018 I had my 50th birthday !!

I have been a single parent for a very long time now, but the children are grown & doing their own thing, so it was time for me to start travelling alone. Looking for something amazing, but safe for a female to do on her own, I came across wildlife volunteering & promptly set my sights on visiting N/a’an ku se as a 50th birthday present to myself & what a birthday, bottle feeding baby baboons, walking baboons & cheetah, game counts & sooo much more !! I was very sad to leave Na’an ku se ~ the animals ~ the staff & am quite sure that I shall go back one day, I almost feel a little guilty for wanting to visit other projects ~ feels a bit like cheating lol ~ but it’s a big world & I have a good few years of travelling in me yet, so I want to see & experience as much as possible, but I shall go back, it will always be in my heart !!

My second volunteering experience is now booked, inspired by Richard Peirces ‘Cuddle Me ~ Kill Me’ book about canned hunting, I start travelling to Hermanus, South Africa on 9th November 2018 to spend two weeks at Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary, of course, with permission from the owners, I shall be blogging about this amazing experience !!

I hope this site gives you a good insight into all that N/a’an ku se (see my blogs for day to day on the farm) & any other sites I visit has to offer. I shall be giving advice on things like visas (I certainly didn’t find obtaining a Nambian visa straight forward, I hope my experiences make your purchase smoother !!) Airport experiences, packing & all the other stuff I feel will help you to have an amazing time !!

Feel free to ask any questions if I haven’t covered something you are wondering about !!

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