Panthera ~ My experience

I arrived at Panthera on Saturday 10th November, the ladies who own the sanctuary were getting married on that weekend, so things were a little different.

I was picked up at the airport by Kobin, he often did driving for Panthera, though usually you would be picked up by a volunteer co~ordinator.

Kobin was lovely & talked for the WHOLE two hours of the drive, I know all about the fires, the pear, apple & vineyards, the trees grown for paper, the pigs snout & LOADS of other stuff, he also very kingly did a little detour at Hermanus & we drove around the cove where whales are often seen, and we did indeed see one, which woke me up, he also showed me the flowers in the supermarket, as they were the ones he had told me about on the journey ~ such a lovely guy !!

On arrival at Panthera, all the staff were getting ready for the wedding & left at 3pm, so I was left with the four volunteers who had arrived the week before, we watched a video.

Sunday 20th

Went to the beach with the three volunteers who had arrived the week before. Hermanus is beautiful, the sea was clear blue, the waves were quite big & in the distance we could see at least one, possibly three whales, we also think there were dolphins playing around kite borders further up the beach, but could have been whales.

We went into Hermanus & had lunch at Fusions, then a wander around, I bought a plaque for my house.

On arrival back at Panthera I had induction with Sidney, one of she volunteer co-ordinators, she then took me down to meet the cat’s.

There was so much wedding cake left over, we had some for tea with some ice cream & candles as it was one of the volunteers 20th birthday.

We learnt how Martin the other volunteer co-ordinator met his girlfriend when she was a volunteer, she was now back to help in the absence of the owners & attend the wedding.

Went to bed at 9.30 & started to read Richard Peirce’s ‘The poachers Moon’

Monday 12th

Breakfast each day is toast or cereal.

Went with Martin & his girlfriend to clean water bowls & feeding camps. All the lions began to roar, which is apparently unusual at that time of day, so that was special.

I then attended a tour with Lindsey, a former employee who had come back to help whilst the owners were on honeymoon. The visitors are taken to each enclosure & told the cat’s story & visit Shani’s memorial, tours generally take 2 hours.

Then we went to help clear undergrowth.

Lunch is 12 ~ 3, we had spaghetti in a sauce with veg.



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