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The Lodge

I spent the night at The Lodge as it was my birthday & what a lovely night. I was picked up from the farm at around 5.30pm after the days chores were done & had a complimentary glass of white wine on arrival!!

I was taken to my detatched accommodation, it was lovely, two double beds, rocking chairs, shower, the pillows & duvet smelled & felt like freshly laundered clouds, I had a veranda which looked out across the desert!! I had a shower & went for dinner, after the main course the lightening knocked out the electricity, I started chatting to an English couple who were on holiday at The Lodge as they were unsure about volunteering, I showed them pictures & talked about what a great time I was having, this made me a little late for my candle lit desert & coffee, so no picture of that I’m afraid as the ice cream was melted & it was a bit of a mess (my fault).

I retired to my freshly laundered cloud, unfortunately there is no wi~fi in the rooms, so I sat outside the restaurant in my big fluffy white robe, so I could chat to my children & post much awaited pictures & videos for friends to see as the sun went down.

When I got up, I found I had a new room mate ~ Lizzy Lizard lol & watched the wild baboons stealing from the bread delivery & leaving a trail behind them.

Breakfast was lovely ~ then the car arrived to take me back to the farm for morning chores !!



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Video put together by my team mates Olivia & Page

My certificate of completion Debbie Groom


You really don’t need to take much money, I took £270 ~ 4,450 rand st the time, which paid for a night in the lodge with a 3 course diner & breakfast, a N/a’an ku se t-shirt & baseball cap, the San Bushman experience & a little goatskin bag as a souvenir, a couple of drinks on the evenings & still came home with over 400 rand !!



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N/a’an ku se give a list of items that they would be most grateful for, if you can take them ~ these are the things I took ~ reached my luggage limit, they also put an urgent request for A4 exercise books & glue for the Clever Cubs, so managed to get some of those as well – flippin heavy though !!



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Kit List

You are sent a list of items you should take, I didn’t use my wet wipes & hand sanitizer – so donated them !! Lucky enough to not need the immodium, but sooooo glad I had hydration salts & did give in & use my ear plugs after a few nights of roaring, croaking & howling !! Didn’t use my head torch, phone light got me to the loo !! Moses needed a couple of plasters & I didn’t need the sewing kit. The list also suggests keeping a journal, first time I ever have ~ INVALUABLE !!



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There are a team of ladies who do your laundry, located next to the kitchens by the Lapa,  you can hand it in everyday except Sunday. You collect a plastic sack from the laundry along with a list which you count the items you are putting in & just hand it in, generally it’s a next day service, but don’t think filling in the form guarantees you get all your stuff back, I was two pairs of shorts short, but others I spoke to got everything back.


I just had a tetanus, no need to have the very expensive rabies shots & there is no yellow fever. Also take plenty of factor 50 & Deet spray !!


















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