Welcome to my site!

Looking for a safe way to holiday as a single woman, I came across conservation volunteering ~ WHY HAVE I NOT FOUND THIS BEFORE ??!!

I chose N/a’an ku se for my first project as a 50th birthday present to myself & what a birthday it was, walking with cheetah & baboons, feeding carnivores, game counts on horseback & trucks, feeding & cleaning out all kinds of beautiful species. I spent the evening of my birthday in the lodge (my birthday night was booked up), apart from the power cut, it was a great night, my lodge was beautiful, the bedding was like a freshly laundered cloud & my veranda had amazing views, I had even spent some time with Marlice stringing beads for the chandelier in reception !!

This site will tell you about N/a’an ku se & my time there, bits of helpful info & the projects I intend to volunteer with in the future ~ at least one a year!!

Please feel free to ask anything you would like to know !!

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