Day 2 at N/a’an ku se

30th January

All kinds of animal noises from quite early.

Breakfast was toast & fresh melon.

Spent the whole morning in an induction meeting with Corne, he was very funny & informative, the film at the end was quite emotional.

Lunch was wraps ~ there was a bit of drama when one girl took two bites out of her wrap & then a live scorpion dropped out the bottom, luckily she hadn’t bit into it, everyone checked their wraps & carried on eating. I bought a diet coke & packet of crisps which cost 25 rand.

Everyone is put into groups & mine was the giraffe group, we spent the afternoon feeding the small animals & the ‘tame’ cheetahs, they had a donation of beef heart, so there was an experiment to see if the animals would eat it ~ most was really not keen, only the genets seemed interested.

I sat with people for dinner tonight, a lady about my age, who was actually born in Bristol & the girl with a scorpion in her wrap. Lagers were 20 rand each & slipped down nicely with dinner.

Took lots of cheetah pictures & a video of one purring.

In contrast to a really hot day ~ it was a breezy evening. The water is heated by solar power & the ‘cold’ water was exactly the right temperature to shower in !!

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