Day 5 N/a’an ku se

2nd February

The morning was Enclosure cleaning & feeding 1 – enclosure cleaning is really not as bad as it sounds, because it is done every weekday. Amongst the animals we fed were the little duiker fawn, a sweet little soul who had most likely been mauled by a jackal, Specky the warthog, Specky loves shovels & boots & just about anything really, so his enclosure cleaning can take a bit longer cus you feel mean not letting him interact with all these things & of course it is very funny to watch !! We fed heart & eggs to the mongeese, beetlejuice the polecat & all the genets ~ beautiful little creatures which I don’t recall ever having seen before, the tortoise’s had their salad & mieliepap, feeding the vervets is fun, you need to contain them in a holding pen, then spread their food around the enclosure in holes & tubes etc, to keep them entertained, also one of the dasies like a fondle. We then fed the caracles, a guy had offered money in return for caracle poo as he was doing research, well that’s cool ~ until you find a fresh one !!

Lunch was hot dogs.

Afternoon was Primate antics ~ walking the older baboons> Now many people had told me how they much prefer to walk the babies as the older ones don’t interact as much ~ well ~ I sat under a tree, quietly by myself & had a great time, made a lovely baboon friend who sat with me for quite some while, holding hands, tickling his foot, he picked my mossy bites & it was all very lovely, other baboons came by & groomed us now & then, it was a lovely experience

Diner was fish & chips ~ fish was amazing ~ the chips ~ ummmmmm not so much lol

Again it rained at diner time & the thunder rolled

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