Shrinky ~ Beating all the odds

27867001_389507544855856_2818835342232618852_nShrinky came to N/a’an ku se as an abandoned baby in really bad shape, it was clear there was something more than the usual problems with Shrinky, but she was given love & care & physio to enable her to walk. Eventually Shrinky had brain scans & it is believed her umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck at birth. Shrinky is head of the babies, she can’t live with her age group as they would kill her, but she is happy & loved by everyone who meet’s her & on my last baboon walk I had the great privilege of her asking me for a lift home, my experience was complete !!

Apparently I can’t show my videos of Shrinky on here – so whizz over to Instagram ~ The Wildlife Volunteer to see them !!






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