Day 13 at N/a’an ku se

As I have mentioned before, weekends are different, so this Saturday I had food prep, but I seem to just get lucky because on this food prep session the farm has had a HUGE donation from Woolworths, apparently this Woolworths is on a par with our Waitrose, so only the best !! Woolworths very kindly donate all their end of date fruit, veg, cakes & meaty bits & pieces to the farm & this donation was amazing, we made up bucket fulls of lovely fruit & veg , really colorful & nutritious, meat eaters got some different types of sausage, the vervets got scones & muffins for a starter, the tortoises munched on salads, it was a great feed, after the volunteers had done the food prep & feeding chores, I stayed behind doing some extra cleaning with Charlie, as it’s along day & I would rather have something productive to do, it was nice having one on one time, she said she would be sad when I leave as she & many of the other staff feel I fit in really well, I didn’t ask why or what the others had said, just took the compliment !!Then Charlie had to go off to do some feeding & Moses turned up, my luck was in once again, as the two smallest baboons needed bottles !! There is a video on Instagram !!

After lunch it was again feeding the animals, I got to feed the vervets, they truly are little monkeys so they need to be coaxed into a holding cage (with scones on this occasion) whilst we go into the enclosure & stuff there food into all the pipes & holes that have been drilled all over the place to make them work & forage for their food.

After the feeding, a treasure hunt had been arranged as an afternoon activity, but I chose to go & do my packing ready for the morning.

Dinner again was a braai ~ not quite as nice as last week, but then last week it wasn’t raining, it rained all night, which made sleeping conditions cooler & easier. The rules at feeding times is that you take reasonable portions & after 30 mins (to give everyone a chance to get first servings) you can go for second helpings, only on this night we had to wait for volunteers who were returning from Kanaan, they were really late, so the food was pretty ruined.

Anyway off for my final sleep in this amazing place !!



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