N/a’an ku se ~ The Final Day

So the last day ~ sob

With the rain ~ which isn’t nearly enough ~ comes the green, wish I could be around to see river beds filling & flowing & the plains becoming green, but things are definitely beginning to sprout!!

Sunday of course means bacon sarnies for brekky ~ like it’s preparing me for home ……….

Had a chore today, animal feeding & I got the vervets again, which I enjoy, well to be fair it’s enjoyable whoever you feed.

Went back to tent, had shower & finished packing.

Went to the office & filled in the assessment form.

Just had ice cream for lunch as I know plenty of meals would be appearing on my flights.

Waited at food prep for my transport to the airport, not sure if I mentioned before, but on a Sunday you can book a trip to Windhoek Mall, or to the lodge for lunch for 300 Namibian Dollars.

Nikolaas drove me to the airport, hard to say how old he is ~ possibly 50’s maybe 60’s, but what a pleasant man!! He told me about his fav English football team, one of the English staff members had just returned from a trip home & brought him a footy shirt with his name on !! He proceeded to tell me he had lost his wife in a car crash, I think about two years ago & he feels very lonely, it was really quite sad, he was so sincere, so if anyone fancies meeting a hard working middle aged Namibian man ~ I know one who’s looking !!

We had quite a chat on the way to the airport, shame I hadn’t met him earlier, would have happily chatted the evenings & weekends away with him over a beer, such a nice man.

So my last day was quite grey & a little chilly, very sad, but WOW what memories I have ~ nearly three weeks later, I still feel choked typing this & watching the 2017 thankyou video from Marlice & Ruddy makes my eyes leak everytime !!


Walking with cheetahs ~ BREATH TAKING

Walking with baboons ~ SUBLIME

Shrinky & Ebony ~ my HEARTSTRINGS !!

Any time spent with Marlice ~ HEARTWARMING ~ amazing lady, amazing couple, Q&A was touching & time stringing  beads on her veranda was like stringing beads with a good friend!!

The adult baboon walk, where I gained a little friend, we groomed, held hands & tickled feet (see clip on Facebook, can’t post on here)



The thunder & lightening ~ knocks the spots off of English thunder & lightening !!

Hearing LIONS roar every night !!

Carnivore feeding with Shauna ~ meeting someone in a distant country born in the same town as you is CRAZY & her passion for the carnivores is enlightening !!

Cowboys of N/a’an ku se with Emilie ~ if I win the lottery, I will pay for you to bring your little wild horse home when it’s time !!

Charlie ~ MENTALIST, crazy, happy, loving it lady !!

Rescuing the porcupine

Birthday hug from Abraham ~ GOBSMACKED lmao & of course Moses

Drive to airport with Nikolaas ~ TOUCHING

And EVERYTHING in between ~ I really can’t recommend N/a’an ku se enough, it will always be in my heart & if I have inspired anybody to go ~ then I am quite sure it will always be in yours !!

Thankyou Marlice & Ruddy for building an animal loving, human caring, inspirational place to be & for giving us people the chance to experience your world when we need to escape from ours !!

To the staff for your passion, patience & making the dream & good work a reality !!

To the San Bush people ~ live long & prosper !!

To the animals ~ you make this world an amazing place to be, I wish for you a world where you & we can co-exist without you having to suffer for human greed & gratification (I’m not sobbing now at all lol)

To Ebony & Shrinky ~ be well little ones, I miss you with all my heart & EXPECT you, RELYING on you to still be there next time I visit !!

That’s it ~ I’m done ~ can’t see what I’m typing anymore !!

God bless N/a’an ku se & thankyou for the most INCREDIBLE 50th birthday !!

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