This broken cheetah stole my heart

Love & miss this little girl, the team had a call from a man saying she, her mother & sibling had just been in a road traffic accident. When the team arrived there was no sign of mum & sibling, Ebony had clearly not just had the accident as she had a massive infection in the wound, even though they cleaned the wound, the bone graft did not take & this poor babies bones are fusing incorrectly, her pelvis looks quite twisted & in some pics you maybe able to see the muscle wastage. Cheetahs generally imprint on humans with three months, that was about how long she had been on the farm when I arrived & she hadn’t imprinted on the team. I would talk to her every time I went back & forth to my tent, she always spat, then she calmed down a bit, & on occasion was a little more relaxed, wish I had had more time, to see how close I could get to her. I miss her so much & hope she can be helped at some point, sadly you need so many permits for EVERYTHING when it comes to wild animals & the permits take upto 6 months to get, I just hope her turn will soon come round.

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