Human~Wildlife Conflict ~ N/a’an ku se work with another farmer to collar & monitor a female leopard, potentially saving her life !! Huge thankyou to the farmer ~ this could have such a different headline !!

Thursday, 19 April, saw N/a’an ku sê’s Rapid Response Team answer the call of a local landowner who has fully adopted the adage of living at peace with the wilds of Namibia.
Having lost some livestock to a suspected predator, the farmer opted for the righteous route of humanely cage trapping the carnivore, a magnificent female leopard estimated to be 7 years old. As forms a vital part of N/a’an ku sê’s human-carnivore conflict mitigation research, our rapid responders deftly darted the spotted suspect, fitting her with a GPS collar.
Relocation to a protected reserve ensued, the powerful predator slinking into the shadows of the Namibian night.
A leopard’s life has not been unnecessarily lost, and she has retained her freedom in the wilds where she belongs – the N/a’an ku sê team following her footsteps and gaining vital insight into the habits and movements of these impressive animals.

Carnivore conflict mitigation – an irreplaceable part of conservation in a country where man and wild live in close proximity. And that proximity can indeed be peaceful!

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