Shopping for their futures ~ can you support me, it would be very much appreciated

Shopping for their futures

Having completed my first volunteering experience at N/a’an ku se & attending the Ape Alliance panel discussion with Ian Redmond OBE, Alison Cronin of Monkey World,  Jim & Jenny Desmond of Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue& Ian Singleton of Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme,  for a discussion on the importance of sanctuaries in conservation, I have decided I want to help, these projects are doing the VERY hard work on the ground & of course always need funds to carry on their very important work, so I hope you will help me to support them by shopping on my site !!

The projects I have chosen are

N/a’an ku se, my first experience of wildlife volunteering & always in my heart.

Costa Rica Animal Rescue Center ~ on my wish list, a small project with limited funds, doing a great job specialising in sloth rescue.

Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue & Protection, a relatively knew project not only rescuing chimps, but Jimmy is currently the ONLY vet in Liberia.

Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme, working very hard to release ALL the orangutans that come to them onto a chain of secure islands, of the 130 or so apes that have come into their care, only 5 or 6 currently will never be viable for release.

I work full time & don’t have a lot of money, so have started a Crowdfunding page to help purchase initial stock, anything raised over that cost will be divided between the projects, if you could possibly give a little, please follow the link

Each project will have it’s own shopping page, featuring products which represent the cause & there will be a page of items which gives you the option to choose which project you would like the proceeds to go to, here is some examples of what will be available.




I am in the process of trying to source a company who would make a bespoke ‘pure’ soap to represent each project, fair trade tote bags &  in my limited spare time, I am busy knitting animals to represent each project & have lots of other ideas which I shall be able to implement once money start to come in.

Of course the funds will go into the shop to start with, but then it will be ongoing support for the projects, rather than a one off injection of cash, as much as I would like to do a sponsored parachute jump or such like, I would prefer to give longer term support.


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