PLEASE, as the holiday season approaches, DO NOT pay for their broken spirits & enable their abuse

Whilst I understand why some of this happens (poor people in poor countries with little opportunity of an income etc) WE have to stop it ~ TOURISM is funding this cruelty ~ if you PAY for these attractions ~ Elephant Rides, Dolphin Swimming, Whale & Dolphin Shows, Tiger Temples, Bear Dancing, Primate Photo Opportunities, Snake Charming etc, etc, etc then why not go all the way & invest in a bit of canned hunting ~ NO ?? WHY NOT ?? the end result is the same !!

I could only watch a couple of minutes of this one

This one made my head pound

Killer whales raped & starved at Sea World, amazing documentary by students with ex staff ~ DON’T BUY THE TICKET !!

If you want a wildlife experience, VOLUNTEER, it’s AMAZING, it’s GIVING,  it’s CARING. it’s FULFILLING, it’s CONSERVATION, it’s LIFE CHANGING and

I T ‘ S     N O T      A B U S E

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