Facebook & it’s VERY strange standards about what represents sexual activity & racism

So a few weeks ago I got blocked for three days for posting this picture, because it provokes sexual activity


Yesterday on a post about Sandra Blande, I told a white person that he ‘made me ashamed to be white, thank god I am not white AND American’ as he was saying all kinds of stupid rubbish about this lady who was found dead in a police cell, when she got stopped for a faulty tail light on her way to an interview. Now I don’t see how that can be called racist, I spose being owned by white Americans it could be seen as anti~white Americans, but that doesn’t make it racist.

I have reported VILE abuse from men, when I have refused to hate muslims or refugees,  or on posts where white men have posted repugnant things about black Americans, not only things pasted on posts, but they will also private message you calling you all kinds of things & telling you to die, vile, vile things, even on posts for all to see, but NOTHING, so not sure how Facebook justify that as they NEVER reply.

Any how ~ was having a lovely time on my Facebook page the wildlife volunteer ~ promoting ‘World Chimpanzee Day’ &  now I can’t even let my followers, who were enjoying the posts why I have abandoned it FOR THREE DAYS !!

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