Faroe people having been warned since 1998 that eating whale meat is making them ill due to the pollutants consumed as we poison our oceans, SO why have thousands been slaughtered over twenty years, maybe the Faroe people like getting sick !!

Pilot whales feed primarily on squid and have a distinct, rounded head with a very slight beak


So as WE poison the oceans, the food we take are poisoning us ~ sounds fair !! As far back as 1998, people of the Faroes were warned about eating whale meat, because of the pollutants we have put in them, there are many illness’s recorded after these culls, yet still they slaughter & still they eat & still they get ill !!

Image result for pilot whale slaughter  Image result for pilot whale slaughter     Image result for pilot whale slaughter

I also read (though unfortunately can’t find it) that consuming gorilla meat is also a killer, proved by the fact that  out of a village of THIRTEEN people, TWELVE died after consuming gorilla meat ~ the only survivor was the one person who did not eat the meat!!

Image result for gorillas bushmeat

 Image result for gorillas bushmeat  Image result for gorillas bushmeat

It seems to me ~ that one way or another (let’s not forget the poacher eating lions, slaughtered elephant squashing it’s murderer as it fell to it’s death) that the animals are starting to fight back & good on them


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