Kevin Richardson ~ please do not support his work ~ he exploits & profits from lions

Posted by Captive Wildlife Watchdog on Saturday, August 4, 2018

Today we get our first look at the upcoming movie Mia And The White Lion. You know, the movie Kevin Richardson, famed “Lion Whisperer” helped create. The movie for which Richardson helped purchase a number of white lion cubs from the notorious breeding farm Ukutula. The movie for which Richardson then spent four years training and habituating those lion cubs to directly interact with children, and training those children to work with the lions. You know, turning them into mini-me “Lion Whisperers” rolling around and playing with captive-bred lions, and romanticizing special bonds with those lions.
CWW has posted about Mia And The White Lion before, and we will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Our criticism of Richardson’s participation in a film that was made by intentionally buying lion cubs from a farm which breeds and sells lion cubs for petting, and for canned hunting, has been scoffed at by Richardson fans. They’ve come up with every possible rationalization as to why it’s okay for Richardson to participate in–and teach children to participate in–the very industry of exploitation he insists that he is opposed to. Of course, Richardson fans also continue to intentionally overlook basic facts about Richardson, such as how he advertises hiring out his lions for commercial endeavors right on his own websites.
But moving on to Mia And The White Lion. The most prevalent excuse “Lion Whisperer” fans cite in their attempts to justify this for-profit lion-exploiting unconscionably-un-conservational extravaganza of family fun, is that it will “raise awareness” about canned hunting and that it will have an “anti-canned hunting” message. “Lion Whisperer” fans insist, emphatically, that the movie will NOT send the wrong message to viewers, that it will NOT make children who see it want to go play with lion cubs, that it will NOT romanticize “special bonds” with lions in a way that promotes interacting with captive bred lions. Instead, they claim that the movie will deliver an important anti-canned hunting message, and that the purchase of cubs from the canned hunting industry (thus supporting that industry) and the four years of teaching child-actors to work directly with the lion stars, is all justifiable because of the supposed anti-canned hunting message. Never mind the fact that Richardson will be keeping the lions at his sanctuary, conveniently replacing his aging current lions for use in his own videos and endeavors.
One wonders, since Mia And The White Lion carries such gravid messages about lion conservation, and is supposedly above reproach regarding the fact that Richardson spent four years teaching children to handle lions, why it’s not being promoted, and the trailer shared all over Kevin Richardson’s social media pages?
Please, let us know what you think. Name the spot in this trailer where you see clear “this should never happen in real life” and “canned hunting is horrible” messages.
For any would-be Richardson supporters still not convinced that Richardson’s films are commercial ventures, and nothing more, we’ll be addressing the “Lion Whisperer’s” next feature length film The Wolf And The Lion in the future. Also by de Maistre, The Wolf And The Lion is being shot on location in Canada, with a Canadian “Wolf Whisperer” and will also take several years to film, with the human stars directly interacting with captive-bred gray wolves. But don’t worry, we’re sure this new movie will also have some sort of important message that can’t possibly be conveyed in any other way but exploiting captive bred and trained gray wolves. Just like Mia And The White Lion.

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