The Cayman Turtle Center farms an endangered species for it’s meat ~ PLEASE sign & share

The Cayman Turtle Center is a horrendous place. It’s a place that breeds and farms endangered sea turtle for meat. The turtles are kept in abysmal conditions until their slaughter.

At the center, the turtles who are solitary in the wild, are kept in concrete tanks. Hundred are crammed together in a single tank. The turtles out of stress and hunger resort to cannibalizing each other. On top of that workers have been observed dumping chlorine onto the turtles. Also, the center has a terrible track record. In 2012, 300 turtles died during a heat wave, two years later another 300 after a bacteria outbreak.

The turtles go through all of this abuse before being killed for their meat. Studies have shown that turtle meat contains traces of Salmonella and E. coli. As well as metallic elements such as lead and mercury. Certain species even act as a carrier for cholera and Vibrio infections. Despite the serious health risk people still farm and consume the endangered turtles.

The government of the Cayman Islands refuses to shut this horrendous place down. Instead, they have subsidized the operation, spending millions in taxpayer money to keep the facility open. But with your help, we can pressure the government to reconsider.

Please sign and share, the turtles need your help. Thank You.

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