I need a logo !! PLEASE help me

I am putting together a conservation day at The Watershed, Bristol next April, there will be guest speakers, conservation films, conservation causes promoting their events.

I NEED A LOGO & I have a very good idea of what the logo will look like, but I have no money. I envision that the logo will be seen around the world, shared on conservation platforms, merchandise etc & you will receive the credit for it & endorsements.

SO ~ this is what I am after


This is Ebony who stole my heart, I would like her face (minus the wire)

Ondrash fox watercolor tattoo

In this water colour style, but in more cheetah colours


I see her face as a background with #teamearth kind of over her face in bubble lettering so her face makes the coluring within the letters, with her face spilling & running outside the letters & within the overspill would be little silhouettes similar to these


Image result for chimp silhouette


Image result for cheetah silhouette


Image result for elephant silhouette


Image result for fox silhouette


Image result for badger silhouette


Image result for stag silhouette

PLEASE help me ~ I sooooooooooo want this to be amazing & special

You can also find me on Facebook @TheWildlifeVolunteer

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