Canned Hunting ~ how it affects you & how YOU can effect it !!

There are farms in South Africa, nothing strange about that, except that the ‘livestock’ are lions, repeatedly inbred, litter after litter after litter.

The cubs are taken away from their mothers as soon after birth as they are found.

The ‘industry is so corrupt & unethical that ‘volunteers’ pay to hand rear these ‘orphan’ cubs, they are told that the cubs are orphaned, but it’s lies, MANY volunteers have been distraught if & when they find out they have been duped.

The cubs are entered into the tourism industry, for tourists to cuddle & play with, this is an amazing opportunity, out of this world ~ BUT ~ please be aware that these cubs you have enjoyed  cuddling are only there for your enjoyment as a by product of their eventual slaughter, you are just paying for their up keep until it’s time for them to die

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When the cubs become too big for this ~ they move onto the next tourism stop ~ walking with lions, again, you are offered this amazing privilege PURELY as a way of paying for their up keep until they are slaughtered

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Even I would have to say that these are AMAZING experiences , but sadly I know where this all ends

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Once the lions become too big for the tourism industry, they return to the farm, they may be selected for breeding, but the two more likely routes are

Trophy Hunting

There a people in this world who take great delight in slaughtering beautiful animals, they say they do it in the name of conservation, but that isn’t true, in just about all the species they slaughter, numbers are declining. In the case of ‘canned’ lions, it isn’t even close to even being a fair hunt. These lions have been hand reared & released into an enclosed area on demand, the lions are not fearful of humans so don’t run & besides, more often than not they are drugged, sitting targets

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Asian Bone Market

The lions which are not utilised for breeding, or slaughtering by ‘trophy’ hunters, will be slaughtered for the bone trade with Asia.

I am sure many people know of Asia’s obsession for tiger parts ~ aphrodisiac qualities, tiger bone wine etc

Well now that they have driven tigers to the brink of extinction. they have turned to lion bones as an alternative, the legal quota has just risen form 800 to FIFTEEN hundred

I am however pleased to say that Singapore Airlines, will no longer transport the bones, but that won’t stop this lion slaughter, that is down to US who fight for their freedoms & YOU who unwittingly pay for their deaths

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So PLEASE do not choose to do these activities when on holiday, & if you are looking to go ‘volunteering’ ~ YOU MUST RESEARCH YOUR PROJECTS ~ Google is your friend !!



Please read ‘Cuddle Me ~ Kill Me’ by Richard Peirce which will inform you about this industry. You can get a SIGNED copy from Born Free Foundation for just £11

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