Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue& Protection was set up to care for the Blood Island chimps, but babies rescued from the bushmeat trade are arriving at an alarming rate, currently TWENTY THREE ~ they need to build a reserve to provide these growing babies with a forever home

I came across LCRP when I attended Ian Redmonds Ape Alliance annual panel meeting, the Desmonds skyped in & I fell in love with them, their passion is outstanding.

I follow them on social media, Jenny is so interactive with her followers & provides stunning pictures & video clips of the babies progress.

Gaia came in so young that she didn’t have teeth & it wasn’t certain that she could survive, now she is walking ~ I have a special soft spot for Gaia

The newest baby, on it’s way to LCRP

Sadly not every baby can be saved


‘Blood Island’ ~ a BAFTA winning short film by Lindsey Parietti ~ showed the story of the Blood Island chimps which Jimmy & Jenny care for


Jenny has a section dedicated to her in Jennifer Skiff’s new & amazing book

Rescuing Ladybugs

On their new beautiful website you can ‘adopt’ a chimp & see where donations go

If you are in a position to help ~ please do ~ these babies need their freedom & we can help them

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