Sharks are being slaughtered so you can swim in their homes ~ it isn’t right & it certainly isn’t fair !!

If you see this little ball bobbing on the sea, there are probably dead sharks below the surface, apparently to keep you safe , problem is ~ IT’S THEIR HOME & they are dying for you to swim

As well as sharks, tens of thousands of other fish, rays, turtles and dolphins are also being killed when they are accidentally caught on the lines

Statistics show at least 10,400 sharks have been caught this way since 2001 being brutally snared on fishhooks after being drawn in by bait attached to the drumlines

Image result for drum lines Image result for drum lines

Sharks are being slaughtered at an alarming rate, for you to swim, for you to consume shark fin soup. Sharks are amazing, beautiful creatures & as vital to the eco system as all other creatures, infact, the only species that could become extinct and it wouldn’t matter is US, but that won’t happen, so it’s up to US to take care of these creatures & not put our WANTS in front of THEIR needs. We need to create a world where humans stand up for animals, say ‘no more abuse’ we don’t need to wear them,  ride them, ogle them in zoo’s,  hunt them so we can hang them from our walls or even eat them, so PLEASE be a part of the HUMANE RACE & try to make a difference, no matter how small, stand up for these creatures & their right to live peacefully, wild & in their own homes

Image result for drum lines

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