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Everything happens for a reason.

I was wandering through the galleries in Bristol, when I found a UWE student pop up shop.

University graduate, Maria Quintin was showcasing her art, we got chatting & she said she would help me as I wanted more than a computer generated logo, I wanted a portrait of Ebony the little broken cheetah I had met at N/a’an ku se as the main feature of the logo.


Maria said she would paint the portrait & that her partner Tyrone Parry,  is a graphic designer,  so he would be able to do the finishing touches & edit it in order for me to be able to re~size it as needed.

I am really happy to have worked with a a young local artist, the logo should be seen by people around the world, so hopefully, people will take a look at her website & make purchases, or commission work for themselves & I got a lovely logo at a VERY good price !!

Please take the time to have a look at Maria & Tyrone’s websites & consider them if you require the services they can provide

Maria Quintin is a Bristol based artist and print-maker. Having a keen interest in nature, she works to learn more about the complexity of its design and to share her findings through her art. She uses simple natural forms as a way to investigate larger questions of identity, spirituality and what it means to be human. Using shape, form and colour, she has been pushing materials and scale to experiment and contrast these themes, turning micro into macro macro as she invites the viewer to immerse themselves into a microscopic world.

Website: www.quintsprints.com

E-mail: maria@quintsprints.com

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: @quintsprints

Tyrone Parry is a creative with skills in graphic design, motion design, interactive design, and traditional and 360° filmmaking. With a degree in Filmmaking and Creative Media, he uses his wider knowledge of different medias available for advertising and promotion to create well-rounded and interactive product experiences, rather than simple advertisements. His attention to detail and ability to incorporate these different media outlets is what separates him from the average graphic designer.

Website: www.tyroneparry.com

E-mail: mail@tyroneparry.com

Facebook and Instagram: @tyroneparrydesign

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