Here is you Sunday Roast or Bacon Sandwich, no wonder we get sick when we are happy to eat abuse & torture

I have eaten & loved eating meat my whole life, until I got into conservation.  I can no longer justify & balance in my mind trying to raise awareness of the canned hunting industry or trying to help build a home for orphaned chimpanzees, amongst other things, when I am aware or the cruelty & abuse that goes into the lives of farmed animals from the moment they are born, to the moment they die, their life is one constant stream of needless cruelty, why do people fight for the dogs of Yulin or the elephants used & abused from a very young age for the tourist industry ~ yet can still justify eating this abuse on their own doorstep ??

I am not a hypocrite & I have no interest in ramming veganism down anybodies throats, life is about choices & everyone is free to make theirs, but let it be an INFORMED choice, the facts are you are eating


PLEASE watch the video’s, THINK about the animals & make YOUR choice

can you balance in your mind the desire for a juicy steak after you have seen what they go through to give it to you

There are MANY films ~ do your research ~ make your choice

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