Idaho Game Commissioner Blake Fischer, went to Africa to slaughter a family of baboons, a giraffe, a warthog & a leopard

UPDATE ~ He has resigned

He bragged that his wife wanted watch him hunt “So I shot a whole family of baboons”


His wifey had her fun too

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Idaho Fish and Game Commissioner Blake Fischer sent out an email with pictures describing a trip he just took with his wife.

The photos included him posing with animals they hunted and killed.

The email quickly received backlash with a group of former commissioners who asked for Fischer’s resignation.

Former commissioner Fred Trevey sent an email back that read: “My reaction to the photo and accompanying text of you smiling and holding a family of primates you killed, dismays and disappoints me. Your poor judgement has unnecessarily put the institution’s credibility and hunting in general, at risk in the blink of an eye.”

Although what Fischer did wasn’t illegal Trevey said, “Legal does not make it right.”

The Executive Director of a pro-hunting group called Idaho for Wildlife called the photos despicable.

“They killed a whole family, including small baboons, and I think that’s revolting… It just puts a bad light on us,” said former Commissioner Keith Stonebraker said.

Fischer claims he did nothing wrong and refuses to resign. ~ if you would like to let him know what you think

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12 thoughts on “Idaho Game Commissioner Blake Fischer, went to Africa to slaughter a family of baboons, a giraffe, a warthog & a leopard

  1. He says he didn’t do anything immoral? That statement alone is disgusting and disturbing beyond description! Killing an entire family of baboons? So they could pose with their dead bodies?!!! How sick and immoral is that? Resign? FIRE HIM!

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  2. Blake Fischer appears to be a very sick man. Mentally ill. Unfit for duty. Cruel. Sadistic. Apathetic. Arrogant. Enjoys killing, not hunting animals. And coldly defends himself. Thinks he’s a moral person despite clear evidence he mercilessly slaughtered an entire family of baboons, a giraffe, big Cat, etc… This is the profile of a anti-social personality. Aka Sociopath.

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  3. This is such a disgusting story, I am sick about it. Who is proud of killing anything, let alone a family of monkeys??. I hope this man’s life is ruined for life. Did I call him a man…..WRONG, he is the devil himself and his wife is just as responsible for these killings. How can she stand by him and pose in pictures? What is wrong with this world?? These creatures are endangered and do not harm anyone. A TRAVESTY ON ALL LEVELS!!

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  4. I just called the Governor’s Office requesting that they fire Blake Fischer, F & G Commissioner for proudly displaying all the animals he killed in Africa, which included a whole family of baboons. If he is going to represent Idaho Fish and Game, he needs to lead the way in preserving animals that are becoming extinct. To stand proudly in front of a family of dead baboons, including the babies, is not who I want to represent my state. If you believe this is the right thing to do, call the Governor’s office at 1-208-334-2100.

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  5. Nice hunt good for you guys. Don’t forget Baboons are a problem in Africa killing about 100 people a year…


    1. Baboons are common in South Africa. They are known there to be fairly adapted to humans. They are very intelligent and have even learnt how to open car doors and sometimes even people’s houses, I’m not too sure how common this is though. Mostly baboons attack humans when they feel threatened, they won’t attack you because you look yummy to eat. Maybe if you have a sandwich or something they might attack you but a human may do that to you too. Male baboons will protect the group, therefore if you see a baboon making loud noises at you and showing their teeth it’s a obvious sign that he doesn’t want to be friends with you. Whatever you do don’t tell them to calm down because they hate that. The baboon will proceed to charge you and bite you. A baboons bit can and most likely will break your bones so it’s best that you don’t let them do that. Now if you do happen to come in contact with a baboon you should not smile or show your teeth because they could see this as a threat, just stand tall and wait for them to move away or make a lot of noise to encourage them to move on. If you are just a baboon magnet and can’t help but being constantly bombarded by baboons then you should stop going on hikes or stand still and don’t look it in the eyes and slowly back away. Baboons are very strong and actually only have their teeth for fighting other male baboons to get the lady baboons.

      Hope you enjoyed that baboon knowledge!

      If baboons are killing people, maybe people need to keep out of baboons habitat, as with any wild animal ~ oh but people like YOU think you have the right to go wherever you want !!


    2. Yeah better watch out for those babies. You should be ashamed of yourself. Your soul must be dead if you can look at that baby lying in it’s mother’s arms and congratulate the heartless person who no doubt created that tableau so that he could pose like he’s a big man. Easy to do when you’re the one with the gun. I would wish horrible things for you but that would make me no better than you. I’ll let the universe take care of you.


  6. So sad to think that he goes into their territory and attacks them when they are not harming any one or causing any negative issues at all. Nothing respectable about it. Such beautiful creatures put down for absolutely NO REASON.

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  7. What kind of person does this and stands over their bodies smiling….he needs to be removed from a job that puts him in charge of animals…..this makes me sick. Disrespect for life is heartbreaking.

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  8. What a sick, narcissist poor excuse of a man. May karma come quickly and swiftly to you.

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  9. Patricia Verria Mignella October 16, 2018 — 2:16 am

    Your a immoral person to take a picture of you smiling after you murdered a whole family of baboons. Your not a man your a POS and may God and Karma act swiftly. Your in a job to protect animals and this is what you enjoy? Horrible


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