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The Canned Hunting Industry

My second focus is on the lion farming industry in Africa. I purchased a signed copy of ‘Cuddle Me ~ Kill Me’ by Richard Peirce. The book starts with the story of two ladies, one unwittingly took a job raising ‘orphan’ cubs, the other unwittingly paid to volunteer & help her, neither ladies knew what they were actually contributing to, until the day two of the cubs they had helped to rear were returned to the ‘farm’, they visited Obi & Oliver at the ‘farm’ & instantly knew all was not well, after much research, the truth of the lions future became abhorrently clear, Obi & Oliver would meet one of two fates, shot by a ‘trophy hunter’ or killed for their bones to be sold to Asia.

The ladies decided to set up a sanctuary, take back the boy’s & other cat’s that they were able to save from this vile industry, the sanctuary is thriving, Obi & Oliver are happy & healthy & inspired by the story, I shall be travelling to Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary to volunteer for two weeks with them from 10thNovember 2018.


Whenever I ask people if they know what ‘canned hunting’ is the answer is always NO, sadly though, if these same people were to visit Africa, they may decide to do activities such as ‘cub cuddling’ or ‘walking with lions’ amazing experiences for any tourist, sadly though, this is the start of the road to death for these lions & we need to let tourists know ~ they need to say NO to these activities for the sake of these lions.

We shall be showing ‘Blood Lions’ at the event.


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