Tickets are now AVAILABLE for #TEAMEARTH Conservation Day, Watershed, Bristol, 4th May 2019 & fundraising for Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue & Rehabilitation

#TEAMEARTH is a day of conservation, raising awareness for animals both here in the UK & around the world. In a world that we claim more & more of, species all over are struggling as we move into THEIR homes & persecute them for not understanding that we think our needs are greater than theirs. In a world where not only are we displacing them from their homes, we are treating them as commodities, to ‘trophy hunt’, cull, ride, contain in zoo’s, aquariums & circuses & to farm, inflicting the most hideous cruelty.

Our confirmed guest speakers so far

Ian Redmond OBE ~ Ape Alliance & understudy to Dian Fossey

Dan Richardson ~ Actor & Born Free Patron

Dominic Dyer ~ Badger Trust CEO

Richard Peirce ~ Conservationist & Author of titles such as ‘Cuddle Me ~ Kill Me’

‘Giant Steps’ ‘The Poachers Moon’ ‘Nicole’

Our confirmed screenings so far

Blood Lions, BRED FOR THE BULLET™ ~ Every single day in South Africa captive bred or tame lions continue to be killed in canned hunts and hundreds more are slaughtered annually for the lion bone trade to Asia.

BLOOD LIONS exposes the exploitation related to unethical and insidious practices associated with wildlife interactive tourism, including cub petting and walking with lions.

Our short films so far

Blood Island ~ BAFTA winning film by Lindsey Parietti

Keeper of the Call ~ Billy Clapham

Lost Person of the Forest ~ Deya Ward

Lions, Bones & Bullets ~ the trailer to Richard Peirces film out in the summer

We are hoping Lindsey will be able to attend, Billy & Deya will be there to do Q&A’s on their films, as will Richard who will also be doing a book signing (have read three of his books ~ HIGHLY recommend)

Our confirmed charities so far


Welsh Pony Rescue & Rehoming ~

Animals Asia ~

Hedgehog Rescue ~

Our charities will each have a table set up to represent themselves & slideshows showing on a loop all day.

Beneficiary Charity

There will also be a raffle on the day ~ proceeds will go to Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue & Rehabilitation who are very close to my heart as they try to raise £2million to build a sanctuary for the baby chimps arriving all to regularly, as their families have been slaughtered for bush meat & they are sold into the illegal pet trade.

If you would like to donate in advance, please tap the link

To keep up to date as we add to the day ~ please follow

There is a cafe on site providing gluten free & vegan options

Our guest speakers are leading conservationists who have committed to the day, but please understand that if something happens in ‘animal world’ they may be called away ~ stand in’s will be in place to carry on their good work.

Please be advised that I am putting this event together single handedly, therefore I am having to add the charges of the cost of the ticket, at the end of the day, any shortfall for the cost of the event will come out of my pocket, I do hope you understand.

I am trying to put the best day together that I can & wanted to ensure the venue befitted the professionalism which I would like to give the day ~ this comes at a cost, but I am more than sure that that cost will be well worth it & a fantastic day will be had by all.

Thankyou for your understanding



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