We have the sixth of our charities to book a table at #TEAMEARTH Conservation Day 2019 ~ Animal Tails ~ Charity Vegan Children’s Books

Image may contain: text that says "Lucky Molly and Poor Polly Eve Louise Davies"

Eve will be attending to do book signings of her children’s books, a new one about to be published there will be four books in all. Eve donates a portion of the sales to charity !!

Please support Lisa James/Dean Farm Animal Sanctuaries/Kim’s Home for Elderly/Abused Dogs by purchasing/liking/sharing my children’s books that help children learn more about how animals are treated.

Suitable for ages 3-10 years (approx) and all with happy, positive endings.

30% of profits go to the charities named above and any profits I make will be used to fund illustrations for further books. I have sooooooo many ideas!



There are many up & coming school aged wildlife advocates, we are in an age where children need to be aware, because they are the ones who are going to have to save the animals & the planet, these books will be a great start for that journey & for their book shelves !!

Welcome on board Eve !!

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