Birdlife International ~ DO YOU REALLY SUPPORT THIS ??!!?? Iceskating at Queens, London, with LIVE penguins for Penguin Awareness Day

This is not raising awareness, this is exploitation & scary as hell for these little penguins

Proudly supporting Penguins for Penguin Awareness Day 2019

To celebrate Penguin Awareness Day 2019, QUEENS will be making a donation to and we need your help! We feel that the best way to understand how wonderful these flightless birds are is, to get to meet them & their loving handlers – so we’ve invited a raft of penguins to join us on on SATURDAY 19TH JANUARY from 4pm till 8pm.

Penguins are amazingly adapatable creatures, some are at home on beaches of South-Africa and others rule over the Antarctic ice. We are excited to see them make QUEENS ice rink their home for the afternoon!

All profits going to – look at what amazing job they are doing:


NON Skating Tickets

£5 for Adults //  £5 for Kids
Not everybody wants to ice skate so we’ve arranged an on-foot option too!
You’ll enter the ice-rink area through our brand new ice-rink café / bar, and a short walk around the rear of the ice rink to meet the penguins.
Penguins will be joining us from 4pm – 8pm
Please note: QUEENS is adults only after 7pm.


Ice-Skating Tickets

£12 for Adults  //  £11 for Kids
Simply purchase a ticket below to get a full skating session to enjoy, plus plenty of time to slide up to meet the penguins & their handlers.
Penguins will be joining us from 4pm – 8pm
Please note: QUEENS is adults only after 7pm.
Skate hire is £2.50 or free if you bring your own.

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