We have our eighth table booked at #TEAMEARTH Conservation Day 2019 ~ Alex C Rivera, director of Unchained


Wake Up Films Production Ltd

Alex C. Rivera was a newcomer to film making who despite having a wide experience in different professional fields, between East and West, in 2012 he decided to put aside his routine and take a new path, cinema. After several years of learning, writing, producing and directing several short films in late 2015 decided to focus his efforts and savings in a cause that hit him terribly, elephants in captivity, with a documentary film called “Unchained.”

He studied Film Studies at Kingston University in London (United Kingdom) where he lives since 2013. In his own words, what our senses do not feel is something that does not exist, and each of us formed a key role in this, and cinema is the most important means of communication to make visible what is not visible to the naked view.



Having secured the film ‘Unchained’, I received an email informing me that Alex, who made the film would love to come to the event, how exciting !! Alex will be representing Elephant Aid International & will talk about Elephants in Captivity. The importance of the work of activism and how important it is for this work to be seen by the rest of the world, as it sets an example and exposes what needs to be improved in this world, along with a Q&A

Thankyou so much for volunteering to come along Alex ~ great to have you on board !!

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