Sad, sad news from Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue & Protection

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It’s taken us a few days to be able to put this in writing. Last week we lost our dear sweet funny gregarious Mira (Miracle). I fell in love with her the day we met and my love, and the love for her by the other chimps and all her caregivers only grew exponentially as she transformed from a sad, prisoner living on a three foot ten pound chain cemented to the ground into a wild and gleeful girl with bright eyes and so so quick to share her contagious belly laughs and sense of humour. Mira got an aggressive case of pneumonia that killed her within hours – while we treated her physically and she had intensive love and nurturing in her final days, we will always wonder what more we could have done to keep her with us for a long life. We are heartbroken and devastated. And so sorry we did not save her or give her the future she deserved.

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No photo description available.

No photo description available.

Jenny & I haven’t met, but we communicate & I can say with complete certainty that she, her husband Jimmy (a vet) & her team will  have given this little girl EVERYTHING, her freedom from chains, ‘siblings’ to fill the gap of losing her family & so much love, that she might have never known had they not saved her from her hell.

Jenny ~ whilst your heart may be breaking, we all know you have nothing to be sorry for & you gave her everything within the time she had with you, the greatest gift was the company of all the other little rescues, to be a chimpanzee, to feel a little freedom & to be loved unconditionally!!


Swing free little Miracle

No photo description available.

You can see how fragile their little lives are

You can hopefully see the need for this dedicated sanctuary & a proper veterinary facility

PLEASE donate to

or come along to #TEAMEARTH & join in the raffle for

Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue & Protection

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