You will be disgusted by the first picture, but accepting of the second picture.



Image result for packaged meat

The first picture is undeniably disgusting, BUT that’s just a matter of perception

Why is it acceptable to eat ‘farm animals’, animals we perceive to be food but not ‘pets’ animals we perceive to require our love ?? they all contain the same ingredients, they all hurt the same, they all feel the same, they all give birth & love their offspring the same

Before anyone says ‘but the way China process’s the dogs & cats is horrific’ ~ yes it is, but any more horrific than chucking day old chicks alive into a grinder ?? Any more horrific than the day to day abuse that goes on on farms, during transport & slaughter ??

Because if you your answer is ‘yes’ it’s more horrific, then I suggest google is your friend & go do some research

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