Hedgehog Rescue, swimathon to build ‘hospital beds’

Hedgehog Rescue based in South Glouc, a local cause for #TEAMEARTH is raising money to construct new fibreglass cages for their patients.

Elizabeth Porter is doing a swim to raise money for the cages

Hedgehog Rescue is a lovely organisation, run by volunteers, that rescue injured, orphaned and sick hedgehogs throughout S. Glos, Bristol, Bath and Somerset. In order to do that, they have a heated hedgehog hospital for hogs to stay whilst being brought back to health.

In the hospital there is a large section of cages, which are sadly full for most of the year. These cages are now quite old and their design means that they take a HUGE amount of extremely fiddly cleaning. Having spent a full day cleaning the grilles on these old cages, believe me, a new, easy clean fibreglass design would save the Hedgehog Rescue peeps a huge amount of time in cleaning.

Those hogs are messy devils, and think nothing of walking through their dinner and spreading it in every nook and cranny.

So now my bit… as many people will know, I’m hitting the big 50 this year… and to raise money for Hedgehog Rescue, and get fit at the same time, I have decided to swim 50km in as short a time as I can (not all in one go.. I’m not a great swimmer.. and if I have my maths right it’s the daunting target of 2000 lengths of my local pool.. gulp). I will be starting doing this the day after my birthday on April 8th… and swimming as far and as fast as I can to reach my target.


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