Remember Hope, riddled with pellets that even took her eyes, whose baby died on the way to sanctuary ??!!??

Another youngster has been found, her eyes say everything as does the machine in the picture, WE HAVE TO MAKE CONSCIOUS CHOICES, it’s US ~ WE are causing this & we ALL need to read labels & at least cut down on palm oil or chose ‘sustainable’ (having read Panda Leaks, dark side of the WWF, I’m not sure I believe in ‘sustainable’, but that’s just my opinion) As with many of these problems in nature it’s all about demand, big companies only care about money ~ we have to cut off the money ~ IT’S UP TO US !!!

Look into those eyes & decide you can’t make better palm oil choices!!


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Another rescue was done by a joint team of OIC HOCRU tean, @bksdaaceh and WCS-IP team today (Wednesday, 20th March 2019). On this rescue operation, this joint team evacuated a female orangutan from oil palm plantation from Namu Buaya village, Sultan daulat subdistrict of Subussalam city of Aceh province. This location is relatively side by side with Bunga Tanjung village, the village that we previously saved Hope. From the general health check, this orangutan that later named Pertiwi which mean mother of earth, was found with malnourished condition as well as unresponsive right hand. Therefore, Pertiwi is taken to the safe hands of Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) to get medical help that she needs and walk to her new better path ahead More and more orangutan get their second chance in life with the hands of our team, give them some support and love by donating if you can.


From the health check, sadly we found ‘Pertiwi’ has a broken arm and malnourished condition, also some injuries on the face. After doing first medical treatment, now Pertiwi together with Hope, Brenda, are in the intensive care facilities. Hopefully they will get full recovery soon!


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Hopes baby took his last breaths on the way to sanctuary

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