#TEAMEARTH Premiere ~ Lions, Bones & Bullets, Richard Peirce

When I came across ‘Cuddle Me ~ Kill Me’ by Richard Peirce for sale on the Born Free Facebook page, I immediately bought a signed copy & it was just another life changing piece in my conservation journey.

The book told of Obi & Oliver, born into the lion farming industry in South Africa, I devoured the book & at the end found that I could actually volunteer with these two lions who have been rescued, along with others by the ladies who raised them believing they were ‘orphans’.

I spent two weeks last November at Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary in the Western Cape, Obi & Oliver’s sanctuary, a hands off facility where they will live out their natural lives, brothers together in peace.

The lion farming industry has become something which I hope I am doing my bit to fight against, I do many posts about it, hoping to inform people how NOT to contribute to the plight of these lions, by making ‘Blood Lions’ a focal point of #TEAMEARTH along with having the unbelievable luck of having Richard as a knowledgeable guest speaker at the event, not only will Richard be speaking & signing copies of ‘Cuddle Me ~ Kill Me’ he has also bestowed the honor of #TEAMEARTH hosting the first viewing of his trailer to

‘Lions, Bones & Bullets’

which will be out next year.

I have read ‘Giant Steps’ & ‘The Poachers Moon’ two more of Richards book & have added the short films which accompany the books, like his books, these films tell it like it is, not always pretty, but beautifully put together & by these short films, I can only imagine his full length film

‘Lions, Bones & Bullets’

Will help the fight against lion farming beyond measure, perhaps I shall be lucky enough to premiere that for him as well !!

Please watch these short films & be enlightened !!


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