Lord Ashcrofts findings on South Africa’s lion farms

To be honest apart from ‘green hunts’ which I have never heard of, he hasn’t really brought any new facts to the table for those of us already fighting this hideous industry, though he has the platform to reach those that other avenue’s can’t, which is fantastic, & he may well have the clout to give the UK & maybe South Africa a kick up the ass, which would be tremendous!!

The footage however is of course all new & tough at times, but it’s what people need to see to send the message home that you


volunteer with lion cubs, they are not orphans


pay to cuddle cubs in South Africa or any other part of the world


pay to walk with lions

for you it is an amazing experience & photo opportunity

for them it is sealing their fate

Lord Ashcroft also has a website with all the information on, as well as rhino & whales

Lion Farming

If Lord Ashcroft has got your attention on the subject & you would like to find out more, you can come along to #TEAMEARTH & watch

Blood Lions, bred for the bullet


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