Raise the Red Flag for the atrocities against animals that YOU witness

The Born Free Foundation has a new concept to help US the public to report our concerns when we see animals in distress, but WE NEED TO USE IT!!

Help them to help animals.


There are millions of wild animals in captivity worldwide – in zoos, theme parks, sanctuaries, dolphinaria, circuses and elephant camps. There are also many other individual captive animals exploited for human entertainment. Many of these animals are kept in poor conditions – neglected, suffering or abused

We want to prevent the suffering of wild animals in captivity and encourage people like you, whether in your home country or overseas, to look out for captive wild animals and flag your concerns. Your eyewitness reports provide us with vital information which is recorded in our comprehensive database and map, and used, where possible, to raise awareness, conduct further investigation and/or used in our ongoing campaigns to help wild animals in need.

Raise the Red Flag lets you report your concerns to us, highlights animal welfare issues, shares information and provides advice and guidance on how you can take action to help captive wild animals further.

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