Christmas is Coming ~ running out of deep & meaningful gift ideas ?

I can’t deny, I am a bit bah humbug about Christmas & feel it shouldn’t even be mentioned until AT LEAST December ~ BUT ~ I also know of the PERFECT Christmas present if anybody is struggling for ideas!!

Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue & Protection have FIFTY little tummies to feed AND a home to build for those FIFTY little tummies to grow & thrive.



Give the gift that keeps on giving!!

Sponsor an orphan chimp ~ the recipient gets a lovely present they can follow & become invested in on another level ~ the chimps get fed AND their sanctuary gets built quicker, not only amazing for the current FIFTY, but for all the other little orphans that find their way to  the sanctuary in the future !!


All of these little orphans have seen their WHOLE families slaughtered for bushmeat & they will then been sold into the illegal pet trade.

Image may contain: one or more people

Help those little tummies not to rumble & to give them some of the life back that others have taken from them!!

The chimps will love you for it.

You can sponsor a chimpanzee here

If you would like to do something EXHILARATING to provide for the chimps, you can join me in the JUMP FOR GAIA charity skydive

Beautiful Gaia soon after arrival.

Sign up here

OR you can sponsor me to jump out of a perfectly good plane here

When I reach £500 in sponsorship ~ a very generous donor will DOUBLE it !!

THANKYOU for giving the perfect gift this year !!



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