I WANT TO SWEAR BADLY & CRY ANGRILY & SCREEEEEEEEEEAM ~ I am SO sorry little baby, I’m sorry that being a wild animal hasn’t allowed you to live peacefully & safely in the wild with your mummy & family. I’m sorry that there is no humanity in these ‘humans’ or are they the real animals ?? wherever you are ~ may it be in peace

Through my conservation journey over the last couple of years, I have seen some things, things none of us should be seeing because they just shouldn’t be happening.

Three moments which have made me cry over those years

writing  my last blog about my time at N/a’an kuse ~ the experience that put me on this journey.

Seeing the memorial to Shani & the 800 lions killed annually for their bones at Panthera Big Cat Sanctuary, where I volunteered after reading Richard Peirce’s ‘Cuddle Me ~ Kill Me’

Learning that dear, sweet brain damaged chacma Shrinky had died at the tender age of four

I have seen footage of lions & elephants being shot, rhino’s with their faces sorn off, baby chimps, chained & broken & all sorts in between


If anyone can tell me what I can do, how I can become a part of stopping THIS, I would be most greatful, because it does all have to STOP !!

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