It’s the last one ~ #babychimprescue tonight ~ 8pm on BBCtwo

You have seen my favorite Gaia


you have seen the sadness of Mira

No photo description available.

You have seen them learn to swing & climb, crack nuts & find that slamming into the side of a truck isn’t going to end well !!

You have seen them get rescued, be free of their chains, bond & find some happiness in their little lives

You have seen the highs & the devastating lows of life for Jimmy, Jenny & the caregivers

You have taken them into your hearts & many of you have donated & adopted to help build the sanctuary that will enable to get back some kind of normal life after all the damage that humans have given them



is the last episode ~ personally I could do with six months worth

What’s going to happen tonight ?? I don’t know, but I can’t wait to see

The series has been phenomenal for Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue & Protection

a whole new wave of people have fallen in love with these little orphans

You can continue to follow their journey at

You can donate directly

Virtually adopt

Jump out of a plane

Charity Profile

or sponsor me to ‘Jump for Gaia’

Let’s come together & get this sanctuary built

For the Chimps


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