The brutality behind the reality of each of the orphans at Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue & Protection AND any other ape rescue.

This little video found on a poachers phone will give you an insight into what the FIFTY SEVEN orphans at Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue & Protection have been through.

Parents slaughtered (8 ~ 10 adult chimpanzees may be killed to abduct one baby) this tiny baby just wants to cling to it’s mum ~ she may be taking her last breaths, she may have already passed, this baby doesn’t understand & just wants to be with mummy.

This is real life laid bare, it’s still probably going on every day & it’s heart breaking.

LCRP are making great strides having secured their first prosecution in this illegal activity, it is hoped that sooner rather than later the message will be understood that if you are killing chimpanzees, the law in Liberia is now going to chase you & you fill face prosecution ~ how soon that will slow down the flow of orphans to LCRP is anyone’s guess, but it’s what we are all working towards

If you too are heartbroken by what these orphans have endured, you can help with their ongoing care by

Virtual Adoption



you may like to sponsor me, I am doing a tandem skydive for the chimps, I need just £136 to reach my £500 target, if I achieve this, a very kind LCRP supporter will double it to £1000


Each of these orphans have been through a similar trauma to the little fellow above






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