#TEAMEARTH2020 ~ Lion Farming, Trophy Hunting & Conservation ~ Sunday 25th October, Clifton Pavilion

Following the success of last years event & the encouragement of those that attended to make it a yearly event I am putting together

#TEAMEARTH2020 ~ Lion Farming, Trophy Hunting & Conservation

Sunday 25th October

The Clifton Pavilion


10.30 ~ 4.30ish

I read ‘Cuddle Me ~ Kill Me’ by Richard Peirce, it was a life changing read which saw me volunteer at the sanctuary featured in the book & become passionate about the demise of lion farms & all that that entails.

This years event will be a debate with a panel of experts, audience participation & hosted by Peter Egan

We will start with an introduction to the speakers, followed by one of the first screenings of

‘Lions, Bones & Bullets’

A hard hitting film by Richard Peirce following the success of his book ‘Cuddle Me ~ Kill Me’

The Host

Peter Egan ~ Outside of the acting world, Peter is an avid advocate of animal rights. He acts as an ambassador for Sarajevo dog rescue group Saving Suffering Strays, as well as the Animals Asia Foundation.

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The Speakers

Richard Peirce ~ Richard is a committed wildlife conservationist who now spends all of his time on various projects trying to contribute to the conservation of specific species.

Image result for richard peirce


Dr Pieter Kat ~ Pieter is the director of LionAid, an internationally acknowledged expert on lions who is regularly consulted by African governments on lion conservation issues.

Image may contain: Pieter Kat, outdoor and close-up


Ian Redmond OBE ~ Ian is a tropical field biologist and conservationist. His career spans more than 30 years in which he is renowned for his work with gorillas and elephants.

Image result for ian redmond


Dr Amy Dickman ~ Amy is a conservation biologist. Her particular interest is in the maintenance of threatened wildlife populations on human-dominated land and how to resolve human-wildlife conflict. Amy believes that trophy hunting can be a useful tool in conservation.

Image result for amy dickman


I am in talks with other potential speakers & would be interested to hear from any trophy hunters who would be willing to represent the ‘sport’

This is a full day event with a break for refreshments.

The ticket price is £13 which includes tea & coffee, fruit bowls & access to Bristol Zoo should you wish to have a look around, the zoo is open between 9 & 5



‘Lions, Bones & Bullets’ is expected to be completed by August, however should it not be completed in time, we will source other relevant footage

The guest speakers very kindly give me their time for FREE, so please understand that if something of importance comes up for any of them, they will need to withdraw their participation from the day, that said, everybody turned up last year !! Thankyou

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