Get Arty Chimping Competition

In this period of lockdown I thought it might be a nice idea to get the children doing some chimpanzee art & the adults too!!

~ * ~

To get your art judged by Jenny Desmond of Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue & Protection

you need to


post a pick of your art & state your age on THIS post only in the group

You might do a picture, a poem, make a chimp easter egg, cake or biscuit, chimp face paint, knit a chimp (I have a pattern if you would like it), poem

basically any chimp arty project is eligible

Age groups are

up to 8

9 to 13

14 to 99

~ * ~

there will be prizes for each age group

I shall give a t~shirt to each winner

I have some Rocky Roads being donated by Mummy Meagz

Each winner will get a photo of the chimps

and I shall see if I can get anything else together so you get a nice little bundle

~ * ~

If you need any chimp inspiration ~ you may like to use my fav little girly Gaia as your muse


If you haven’t seen Baby Chimp Rescue ~ or you need to see it again ~ it’s on the BBC iplayer

~ * ~

Winners will be announced on Easter Sunday

Get CHIMPING everybody & GOOD LUCK

teamearth logo monkey

You may join the group & enter even of you live outside of the UK, but if you win I shall need you to pay for the postage of your prize

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