I hope when we are set free ~ we set them free !! Coronavirus ~ let it be the wake up call !!

Wild animals belong in the wild !! not in zoo cages, not in tanks, many children will know more about dinosaurs than they know about today’s species ~ how many dinosaurs have they seen ??

Barcelona Zoo - Tourist InformationGenome structure of dinosaurs discovered by bird-turtle ...Dubai Dolphinarium video under investigation for animal cruelty ...

They don’t belong in farms ~ bred for trophy hunting !!

250 Emaciated Lions Found During Trophy Hunting Farm Raid - World ...Trophy Hunting - I'm Not A Trophy Campaign

They don’t belong on our plate ~ MANY people currently slating china for this virus, will have been those eating exotic meats ~ ostrich, crocodile, kangaroo etc ~ but what’s the difference ?? is it more acceptable because YOUR exotic meat came in plastic, or in a sauce in a restaurant ??

This virus hasn’t spread because of the unsanitary conditions in a ‘wet market’ ~ but from the simple act of eating something you shouldn’t !!

Covid 19

 Coronavirus Could End Disease-Ridden Wildlife Trade Environment Archives - Page 4 of 21 - Asean Economist


Chimpanzee operation


Fear spreads easily. That's what gives the Wuhan coronavirus ...


Woman Left In Disbelief After Finding This “Monstrosity” In Her ...

Swine Flu

HD wallpaper: person touching pig's nose inside fence, animal ...

and the list goes on.

My biggest wish coming out of this is that the WORLD finds a new respect for WILDlife & the animals ~ because SOMETHING good has to come out of this

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