I Have Claimed March as Adopt an Orphan Chimp Month

I will highlight one of Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue & Protections orphans each day, that’s THIRTY ONE adoptions in one month ~ can we do ~ YES WE CAN !!

First up will be my favourite ~ if you know you know !!

Mothers Day in the UK falls on Sunday 27th March so give a real gift of love to mum, or it could be a birthday or anniversary gift OR JUST BECAUSE it’s the best gift you could give to an orphan who man has taken so much from.

LCRP has almost EIGHTY orphans to care for, eighty tummies to feed, a purpose built sanctuary to complete, PLEASE think of them in March & adopt one of the orphans.

I will be featuring the orphans who are available on the LCRP website, however, if you have a favourite who has not yet been listed, there will be the opportunity to adopt them on certain days, just keep your eyes peeled on

Twitter, Facebook or Linked in for the posts or join us on my group https://www.facebook.com/groups/UKSupportersofLiberiaChimpanzeeRescueProtection

Adopt a Chimp March ~ who will be your favourite !!

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