March Adopt an Orphan Chimp Month ~ Day Three ~ Meet Johnny

The story of Johnny is a little different to the other orphans, mainly because he is much older, while most of the others come as babies, Johnny was a teen. His life had been so poor, that his body condition presented at around six years old, but actually he was thirteen.

The ‘owners’ said they had bought Johnny as an infant but of course, as he got older he got harder to handle, consequently Johnny was chained to a tree for TEN years, controlled with a stick & given alcohol daily, empty bottles strewn across the ground around his tree, you may have seen his rescue on baby Chimp Rescue, the BBC2 documentary about Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue & Protection

Sadly Johnny has to be kept confined due to his age & strength & also because of the current locations proximity to a village, but Johnny will have his day in the forest when the new sanctuary is completed, in the meantime he receives as much care from a dedicated caregiver as the other orphans, he also interacts with the much smaller orphans, always tender, always accepting & always nurturing

Johnny, more than most could do with seeing how much we all care about him, he has been through the same traumas of seeing his family slaughtered as the others, but they have been lucky to arrive in the care of LCRP at very tender ages, Johnny’s life has been so much harder, yet he still accepts the love given at LCRP, he no longer waits to be beaten with a stick, instead he has been gracious enough to forgive humans, to accept them & know that he will never be beaten again, laugh with them & to feel confident in their presence.

Now YOU can experience the graciousness of Johnny ~ adopt him today & show Johnny that not all humans use sticks!!

Adopt Johnny at

or make a donation

There are nearly EIGHTY orphans at LCRP, each one has witnessed the murder of their parents & extended family for both bushmeat & in order to steal the babies, as many as eight chimps may be murdered to steal one baby. They come in in all kinds of conditions, usually very ill, puffy eyes through dehydration & poor diet, always traumatised & often dead behind the eyes. The work LCRP do is INCREDIBLE, Jimmy Desmond is a vet who gets to work immediately to fix the physical, Jenny Desmond gets to work on fixing the mental & emmotional ~ because they experience the same feelings as us, they have nightmares too!! Then the team at LCRP come together to nuture & provide. Before the Desmonds arrived in Liberia there were NO conviscations of chimps even though it is illegal to be in possesion of one, there was nowhere to place them so they didn’t bother to apply the law, NOW ~ the Desmonds have created that place as work continues on the new purpose built sanctuary, they have built relationships with locals, law enforcement & government, this has resulted in all these orphans arriving on the door step and most importantly CONVICTIONS have started to happen, not everytime but it’s becoming more regular, sending out the message that this vile trade in bushmeat & orphans will no longer be tollerated, but this comes at a cost, so PLEASE adopt a chimp in March for yourself, for a gift, for Mothers Day ~ help to feed all these little tummies & to continue work on the new sanctuary.

You can join our group

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